Your social circle can now be up to ten people - which ten?

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 13th, 2020



This could become just a little awkward. Embarrassing as well

The province has said we can make our get close and comfortable circle which the province calls our bubble – also known as a social circle.

We were limited to five people – at first we all had to live in the same house.

No one followed it all the tightly – the Premier broke that rule when it was convenient for him

The province, despite the fact that the number of new infections each day is nowhere near being flat, as decided that we can now have social circles of up to ten people – with some rules.

You can only belong to one circle and you have to swear the equivalent of a loyalty oath that you won’t wonder into a different circle.

5 point social circle

Only a bureaucrat that has worked for the government too long could write rules like this.

Here are the rules.

How do you decide who will be in your circle – Is Mom a given?

Yes to Mom

Is Mom on the list ? How do you manage that issue?

Close friends who aren’t family but they are great conversationalists and they always bring really good wine.

People that had a habit of dropping by can be managed – the “boy” who brings his laundry home when he visits – along with the girlfriend that you don’t particularly approve of.

Do you now have a solution to that problem?

What do you do for your damaged ego when you don’t get included in a bubble you thought you were already a part of?


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