2015 – Year in review – top story second quarter – Flood victims get financial support.

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December 29, 2015


What happened to our city during the 2Q (April, May, June) of 2015?  Click on the link for the full story.

April 2015
Population shifts suggest there might be some consolidation, especially at the public elementary school level

Mayor assures audience that intensification will not impact traditional communities – Tyendaga golf course seems to be safe.


THE Ice Storm

Province gives the Region the balance of the $2.8 million promised to cover part of the cost of recovering from the ice storm December of 2013.

Community Foundation distributes $897,000 to groups in the city – highest level ever for the organization.

Strategic Plan deliberations begin – intensification and where people are going to live appears to be the question that will shape the conversation.

City and region give Transport Canada their views on how the regulations regarding public input on air park development can be changed. Progress – finally.

11,970 people take part in the 2015 CleanUp GreenUp of the city.

Transit advocates issue a short report with recommendations – will city council react?

Who are these people? They have been nominated as amongst Burlington’s Best.

Aldershot residents feel they aren’t being told the whole story – It’s not right and regrettable as well.

Councillor Dennison’s OMB hearing to overturn a Committee of Adjustment decision begins Tuesday.

Air Park entrance uly 2013

Air Park berm – built without a site plan

City and the air park are back in court – city manager proving to be a man of few words when it comes to explaining what the city is doing.

Public gets a look and a listen to the plans for upgrading Brant Square – developers hope to have it done by 2018.

Early designs for the Windows on the Lake appear to get public support – local residents don’t seem to be as impressed.

Burlington’s former Miss Canada has her sights set on the House of Commons – bye bye city hall.

Public gets first look at the design for Beachway Park: it is almost five character parks strung together

Head of the culture and heritage in Grande Prairie coming to Burlington to lead the AGB – wait till he sees the cost of a house in this city.

Foxcroft in London

Ron Foxcroft – on hi way to met the Queen.

Royalty is the next stop for Burlington’s most famous high school drop out.

Plans for rebuild of Lakeshore Road are shown lots of discussion to take place on this one: road to be raised a metre in some locations.

Province to publish graduation rates: Halton Board released numbers yesterday.

May 2015
It is going to cost $686 million to educate 62,000 students in the public school system – they might have to get by with fewer French language teachers.

Province reviewing Municipal Elections Act to give municipalities more choice in municipal elections; ranked ballot under consideration.

Ontario plans to increasing protections for Condo Owners; little late for the $4 million that was taken from a number of Burlington condo corporations.

Council vote Dec 18-14 Water Street

Council during a recorded vote.

Vote on Code of Conduct deferred – Dennison wasn’t able to attend the meeting.

Does the Ghent house on Brant Street at Ghent matter historically? Should it be saved and if it should how can a city do that?

Beachway Park will cost $51 million includes everything – even the cost of removing the hydro towers.

Public will be able to take city council behavior complaints to an Integrity Commissioner once the Code of Conduct has been passed.

Test kitchen - Pop Up from the store side

The Test Kitchen Pop Up seating on Brant Street.

Pop Up Patio on Brant opens – 21 tables where two cars normally park – interesting menu and a fun place.

Mayor returns after week long trip representing Burlington in Holland during historic 70th anniversary celebrating the end of WW II

There just might be some life in the Skyway Plaza in the east end of the city – proposals and ideas are being kicked around.

Community Foundation is ready to close the file on flood relief claims $2.97 million will eventually be distributed.

June 2015
Community Foundation brings their Disaster Relief Fund drive to a close – 38 of the 310 claims were denied; $2.7 million distributed.

Residential re-sale prices brisk; up 17.7 % year over year.

Aldershot residents get an up close look at Masonry Court project “not very imaginative” was one comment.

Director of Education has failed twice at retirement; thinks he can get it right on this his third attempt – expects to leave in August.

Windows St Paul concept 2

Design for a Window on the Lake the public can actually get to.

More than respectable Windows-to-theLake designs approved by a Council Standing Committee.

Art Gallery of Burlington raises $60,000 at its Parisian themed Art Auction

Board of education does a quickie and approves spending for both capital ($62.6 million) and operating ($685.7) spending in minutes – also says it will be going along with the new sex ed curriculum .

Conservatives in new Oakville North Burlington federal riding choose Effie Triantafilipoulos over Blair Lancaster.

New Burlington riding chooses Oakville Councillor as their candidate: Pam Damoff will run for the federal Liberals in Oakville North Burlington.

What Burlingtonians told market researchers they liked and did not like about living here – what’s not to like?

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