35 years ago today Terry Fox stopped in Burlington - how many of you were there?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

July 12, 2015


TerryFox  - full length

The farther he went – the worse the pain – until the cancer that was ravaging his body spread to his lungs

It was 35 years ago today – a guy with just the one good leg – the other a prosthetic that was pretty crude by today’s standards but there he was coming through the city with that step and a hop gait that we know by heart now.

Terry Fox had made it from the east coast of Newfoundland where he dipped the toe of his good foot into the waters of the Atlantic and vowed to make it to British Columbia.

The Marathon of Hope ended in just outside Thunder Bay

Today the group of people who meet for hours organizing and setting up the Terry Fox run every September gathered as a group to remember and celebrate the young man who showed Canada what hope and courage is really all about.

We owe you big time Terry.

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