500 native trees will get planted - while 9000 trees just across the road are at serious risk.

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May 5th, 2018



If the weather holds Conservation Halton could get the 100 community volunteers it needs to help plant 500 native trees and shrubs at Bayview Park on King Road; a part of the city where the Jefferson Salamander crosses the road to mate in the spring.

Bayview looking over the Bay

The view of th Bay and the Skyway bridge from Bayview Park.

The park is in between two of the cell quarries where shale is mined for the manufacturing of brick. It has astounding views of the Bay and the Skyway bridge. It is home to a rifle club; the space where model airplane enthusiasts send the models climbing into the sky and an enclosed dog run.

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At the bottom of the photograph is the location of the now closed city dump. To the right of that is the western cell of the quarry with the brick manufacturing plant below. Then Bayview Park where there is a rifle range, a Dog Run and space for the model airplane people. On the eastern side of King Road there is the Centre cell of the quarry. To the left of the red marker is a forested area where the brick manufacturer wants to begin mining for shale in the eastern cell – that’s where the 900 tress are going o have to be cut down.

Registration and check-in for the tree planters will begin at 9 am. Light refreshments will be available – coffee, juice, water and a continental breakfast. Volunteers are reminded to dress according to the weather, wear waterproof boots and bring a shovel.

The Tyandaga people, who live two quarry cells to the east of Bayview Park are delighted to learn that more trees are going to be planted – what they fear is that the 9000 trees around the most easterly quarry will get cut down. In a letter to the Mayor the Tyandaga Coalition people said:

“We are pleased to read that the City of Burlington is partnering with Conservation Halton and CootesToEscarpment in a “Trees for Watershed” Health” tree planting event that is, ironically, just across the road from where Meridian Brick intends to destroy 9,000 trees of the diminishing Carolinian forest.

Excavation equipment 1

Excavation equipment like this will operate yards away from the homes on West Haven Drive once the eastern cell of the three cell quarry begins to be mined for shale.

“Why is that we yet again need to request our City’s participation in coming to a resolution on this matter? A request the Tyandaga Environmental Coalition ( has repeatedly brought to your attention since September 2015. We have constantly and consistently asked you and the City to be part of a solution that is to the benefit of ALL but once again you prefer to take the political photo- op rather than make the hard decision to stand by your own statement – “more than ever, sustainability and green initiatives need to be our priorities,”. Your inaction on the Meridian Brick quarry development matter is very concerning.

“What proactive and sustainable measures will you take beyond telling us that this is not a City matter. Surely the fact that, to our knowledge, there have been no official Air Quality measurements by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and the Ministery of Natural Resources and Forestry ( MNRF) is of concern to you and the City, especially when you consider the numerous ‘heavy’ industries that surround the tax- paying residents of the Tyandaga and Aldershot areas, and beyond.

“Without this Air Quality information what guarantee can you assure the residents with respect to their health and well-being?

Now is the time to show us that you will help all who “live, work and play” in our City and live up to your many talks of a greener and healthier Burlington when you said: – “we want to create a sustainable and healthy Burlington for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren”.

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4 comments to 500 native trees will get planted – while 9000 trees just across the road are at serious risk.

  • This quarry expansion can be stopped right now with a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO).

    MZOs are directed by the province and end the process, including further discussion and analysis as well as a public’s right to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. Effectively the province uses the MZO to tell all stakeholders, this is the provincial interest, so we’re doing it. A MZO is a quick and decisive instrument, often used by the province to combat NIMBYism. In this case a MZO would be used to protect a neighborhood from the dust and noise of a quarry operation, a pristine ecosystem near an urban center and future provincial interests.

    Burlington City Council and local MPP’s could have already petitioned the Premier and Environmental Commissioner of Ontario for a MZO to stop this quarry expansion a long time ago. I don’t believe any of our elected officials felt compelled to act.

    As Burlington MPP, I would push for a coordinated effort from Burlington City Council, Hamilton City Council, the Halton Regional Council and fellow Ontario MPPs for two MZO’s.

    1) One to rezone this quarry as high intensity residential and/or commercial (foundation already excavated), recreational (garden/amusement/park…) or some other land use that helps the quarry operator develop or sell the property property as approved by a consensus of Tyandega residents and stakeholders.

    2) The second MZO would be to increase the quarry operator’s Queenston shale reserves, in a location that does not disturb a pristine natural area, a residential area or an aquifer as approved by a consensus of residents and stakeholders at the new quarry location.

    My goal would be to facilitate negotiated outcomes where all stakeholders win including the quarry operator, the province and local stakeholders.

    FTR, I don’t oppose all quarries. Ontario needs quarries to build our cities and create jobs. I oppose this quarry expansion specifically, because of the impact on a residential neighborhood and a pristine ecosystem.

    I also support moving towards a circular economy, which would make quarries obsolete. Contact me and ask me how…

    Vince Fiorito

    Green Party Candidate for Burlington on June 7th.

  • Concerned citizen

    You are correct Mr Miller quarries are licensed by the Province, however we expect our Mayor to offer more than just lip service. I think the citizens of Burlington we will get that from Marianne Meade-Ward

  • Andrew Miller

    It would be really nice if people would do a little research before they post. Quarries are licensed and managed by the Province of Ontario, not the City of Burlington. If I recall correctly, this quarry has been approved for years. Please do not suggest that a particular municipal candidate will wave a wand and make the quarry go away. Such foolishness.

  • Allen Jones

    Seems to me that the Tyandaga Environmental Coalition needs to encourage its members and the community to vote for Marianne Meade-Ward come October …. then you’ll get action and respect.

    Do I hear a “hell ya!”