A day filled with sunshine - Spencer Smith Park was busy but not packed

graphic community 3By Staff

May 16th, 2021



musician picolo

Facing the lake and tempting the waves on bright sunny day.

What a beautiful day it was!

bikes on the promendae

Not many of these people chose to wear masks.

Families were out enjoying the weather; the kids were playing and there was a gentleman tempting the waves with his flute.

Sunday is going to be just as big a blessing.

Enjoy what our staff photographer recorded.

City staff  are in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for direction from the province as to what can be opened up and when.

We know that there won’t be a traditional Sound of Music event; they are working up a program – nothing yet on what they are going to be able to do.

soaking up the sunshine by Skyway

Soaking up the sunshine out by the Skyway with a breeze coming in off the Hamilton Harbour.

Ribfest might be able to open up – if the new infection numbers are low enough.

kids in turnstyle

Everyone wanted to be on the turnstile.


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