A Liberal thanks a Liberal for calling out a Conservative

By Staff

August 12th, 2021



Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca got it right when he congratulated the Prime Minister for stepping up and pledging a secure vaccination certification tool.

Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca

Del Duca, the leader without a seat in the Legislature, wants Doug Ford to immediately begin working with the federal Liberal Government to get this right.

“Ontario Liberals” said Del Duca, “have been fighting for this responsible public health measure for weeks while Doug Ford has pandered to his fringe anti-vaxxer supporters. This is about protecting our most vulnerable, stopping a fourth wave, and keeping Ontario open for good.”



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1 comment to A Liberal thanks a Liberal for calling out a Conservative

  • Denise W.

    I think the fourth wave is here. And it has a much shorter incubation period. I think it would be reasonable to stiffen the border controls. To actually reflect that and the greater transmissibility of this variant. One infected person could really spread it in that environment. I expect we will see a much higher R number. Not a time to be posturing for political victories. We are on course for a reintroduction of restrictions. I, myself, I “self restrict”. I am not going out every day and doing the max of what is allowable. Doesn’t sound good, and I sincerely hope I am totally wrong.