A pandemic appears to be something too many people in Burlington don't understand

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

March 21st, 2020



We received the following from a trusted source:

I am told on good authority Spencer Smith Park was full of people today (Saturday March 21) and they were like 6 inches not 6 feet apart.

Secondly this past week, on several evenings’, soccer teams were holding practices at city parks.

I would think aside from being dangerous these likely violate provincial rules on Social Distancing.

Sad people aren’t better than this.

There are some people who are not yet getting it. Those of you who do get it – reach out to those who don’t understand what we are up against. Be blunt if you have to.

Mayor Meed Ward is doing her best.

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3 comments to A pandemic appears to be something too many people in Burlington don’t understand

  • Wendy

    Can’t fix stupid !!!

  • Steve W

    The government needs to declare Marshall Law and enforce mandatory quarantine

    • k mccann

      Safe to assume you’re thinking the war measures act. My thoughts on that; we don’t have any idea what implementing that will do to our lives. Not everyone has experience in supply chain but I gotta tell you its pretty fragile. When the system is suddenly run through another level checks and processes, delays occur and not in areas that are easily predicted. This will mean products and services aren’t available when you need them. Does this balance against the priority of trying to control the worst contagion in modern times? Not even close. But it does stress that we need to figure this shit out on our own and not require the damn army to help us with childish self control problems.