A transformed Brant Museum is taking shape.

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May 10th, 2018



Brant museum - May 2018 pouring concrete

Concrete being poured for supporting columns

They pour more concrete each day.

The western wall of the Brant Museum site that is being transformed is in place.

Much of the northern wall is in place.

The house sits in steel beams on the northern side – it gets moved around as construction and concrete pours are done elsewhere on the site.

Brant western wall

Much of the western wall is now in place.

Completion date: 2019 – exactly when – depends on the weather.

What will there be in the way of program once the site is completed? No word yet – the Museum staff are being tight lipped about what the opening offer is going to be.

The city has hired an international exhibition design firm to create what the public will see. Kubik, a multi-national corporation has been awarded the contract to provide the interpretive design, fabrication and installation at Joseph Brant Museum.


Architectural rendering of what the Brant Museum is to be transformed into.

A local firm took part in the competition – they weren’t impressed with the process. They had to chase the museum people to learn who the contract had been awarded to.

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