A winter staycation is a nicer idea than you might imagine. Get creative and see what there is right in your home town.

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November 13th, 2019


Enjoy a Staycation this Winter

Prepaid Nash tobogan

Dust off the Toboggan and get outside this winter! Photo by spDuchamp

Dust off the Toboggan and get outside this winter! When we think of the kind of people who preach the benefits of the staycation, who comes to mind? Is it the California couple who have a plethora of yoga classes, beaches and organic restaurants to choose from? Is it the lucky newlyweds who relocated to Thailand and have endless nature at their fingertips? Chances are you don’t consider your own hometown a prime staycation location. However, nobody does!

We all take for granted the things we have around us, but looking at your surroundings like an outsider can bring a whole new excitement to your hometown. Here are some options to consider for your holiday at home to re-ignite that love of Burlington.

You Could Find a New Hobby Holidaying at home can seem a little dull at first, we all have our favorite places to go and we’ve done them time and time again.

However, finding a new favorite place or even a hobby in your hometown is a brilliant feeling! There are plenty of entertaining activities around Burlington, for example, visit the top tourist and local attractions, if you’re a chocolate lover try some Lake Champlain Chocolates, or get to grips with the game in the poker clubs around the city, which offer a friendly place for beginners to train their skills. If you’re doing this staycation with your partner, then there is always the chance that one of you might fall in love with the game a little more than the other. If that does turn out to be the case then luckily there’s a great deal else going at our casinos this winter, so neither of you will be left bored!

Prepaid Nash tortillo

Enjoy fresh corn flour tortillas and homemade queso fresco at MaracaZ Cantinerie. Photo by stu_spivack

If you’re looking for a new laid back favourite, then MaracaZ Cantinerie could be just the thing. Having only opened relatively recently, this Mexican inspired bar has received more than its fare share of rave reviews already.

Their tacos and tequila are the main attractions here. The bar offers frozen drink machines to make fruity slushies (that can even be made a little bit naughty with the addition of one of their 20 tequilas!) The tacos are really great though; choose from crispy fried fish, spicy chicken, smokey pulled pork or a melt in the mouth beef brisket. Next load your tacos up with all of the traditional toppings, including a cheese, which is absolutely delicious and made in house.

It’s far enough away from traditional Canadian fare to feel like you’re having a holiday experience, but it has all of the benefits of that warm ‘sticks to your guts’ fodder that gets us through these icy winters!

Embrace the Cold
Sure, plenty of us go on holiday to escape the cold weather, but plenty of people make their way to Canada every year to make the most of our icy winters. Think like a holiday maker and book yourself a bit of time to try some winter sports. We are lucky enough to have free facilities that allow tobogganing and ice-skating around Burlington.

If you don’t mind contributing a little bit of money then there are also some fantastic skiing locations, which are totally suitable for beginners, or for the more competent there’s even the possibility of cross country skiing – a truly exhilarating adventure.

Whichever winter sport feels the most natural for you, remember to wrap up warm and pay attention to any warnings that are given. Done correctly, winter sports are a great fun way to exercise, but as with anything they can be dangerous if you don’t take sensible precautions.

Get Inspired
Living in Ontario, we have plenty of nearby galleries to choose from, but one of the most exciting ones is right on our doorstep in the heart of Burlington.

Prepaid Nash AGB

Art Gallery of Burlington – over looking Lake Ontario – Open seven days a week – Admission is free.

The Art Gallery of Burlington hosts around 20 exhibitions per year, which cross a wide spectrum of captivating themes. One of the collections that absolutely cannot be missed is of their contemporary Canadian ceramics, the largest on display in the world.

Although the gallery is free to visit, they run as a not for profit organization, so they rely heavily on donations from the public. So remember, if you enjoyed your visit, give a little tip or buy something from the gift shop.

Spending our money in local businesses is the best way to keep Burlington a diverse and creative neighbourhood.

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  • At 74 and 75 we have wonderful memories of doing everything you have suggested Claire. Now, when our own grandchildren are tied up, we love to go and watch families having fun at the Spencer Smith ice rink for example and reminisce. As you say a healthy way to spend your time and help local business,