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February 1st, 2021



Addressing the Speaker of the House of Commons Friday morning Adam van Koeverden said:

Milton NO signMr. Speaker, last week, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change released a list of the 325 conditions that the CN intermodal project must meet before it could proceed with any development in my riding of Milton. I recognize that these conditions address some of the concerns raised by my community and that this conditional approval is a technical assessment not an endorsement by the federal government. However, let me be very clear that these conditions do not change my position. I have always advocated for a rejection of this project and I remain strongly opposed.

AVK with two women

Adam van Koeverden speaking to Milton residents

Today, I want to directly address this to CN. Its own regulations recommend against new residential development within a thousand metres of an existing intermodal facility. Therefore, why would CN consider building one that same distance from a strong, growing and vibrant residential neighbourhood?

This fight is far from over. Miltonians will not give up. I will not give up. For me and our community, our top priority will always be protecting our people’s health and a clean environment. In instead, I encourage CN to invest its time and energy in a community that welcomes this development and all the benefits it claims an intermodal will bring.

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4 comments to Adam van Koeverden says the CN hub “conditional approval is a technical assessment not an endorsement by the federal government

  • Eve St Clair

    why waste valuable newspaper space on this incompetent MP who seems more concerned about grammatical points of order vs his constituents . Hopefully Milton residents come election time won’t make the same mistake gain

  • Phillip Wooster

    When was the last time a Liberal MP took a stand against a decision of the Liberal cabinet and Trudeau and got away with it? This is pure theatre with a federal election looming.

    • Thomas D

      The Liberals when campaigning in 2015 said they would allow their MPs to speak their minds and vote the way they want as long as it was not against the budget, confidence or legislation. He won’t be punished and not should he.

      • Phillip Wooster

        Thomas, thanks for reminding me about what the Liberals said during the 2015 campaign. Trudeau said the Liberals would run a “more open and accountable government”. Oops, missed on that one. Trudeau promised electoral reform. Oops, missed on that one. Trudeau promised not to run a deficit over $10 billion and to balance it in 2019. Oops, missed on that one. Tell me, Thomas, why would anyone believe anything that Trudeau said in 2015?