Alan Harrington wants to see something done with the city's brand and the fire damaged property south of the QEW in the first 100 days of the new municipal government.

100 daysWith a new municipal government getting ready to assume power the question is – what will they do first?

What are the big issues?

We asked the readers of the Gazette what they thought the new council should attempt to get done in its first hundred days.

Here are some of their thoughts.

By Alan Harrington
November 9th, 2018

One Burlington issue that irks me and the community is the horrid “Welcome to Burlington” sign that greets a million drivers heading into the city on the QEW westbound.

It looks like a town that hasn’t put any effort into its brand for 30+ years.

The “O” is shaped like a sliced egg with a sulfur smell.

Paletta from hwy

The severely damaged Paletta property on the south side of the QEW at Appleby Line.

And speaking of stink… what is our Councillor doing about the burned out meat factory sitting on QEW and Appleby? This neglected piece of property looks like an abandoned third-world-country war zone. It’s sat like this for a year now as of December 6th.

Does the city like the image of a city that doesn’t care how it looks to the millions of drivers that pass through each day?

Alan Harrington feels like a resident tortured in the Orchard.


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