Aldershot community working with St. Matthews on food collection

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March 21, 2020



St Matthews AldershotSt. Matthews-on-the-Plains Church, through a Partnering Aldershot, helping our neighbours have food initiative, are trying to make it easy for people to donate food safely without personal contact, while helping to keep the Aldershot food distribution agencies’ shelves from being completely depleted.

St Matthews flyer At St. Matthew’s driveway drop-off, there is also a list of needed items and a chart of a lot of the places in Burlington where those in need can get food. All the agencies have instituted ‘safe distance’ policies.

There has also been a group of volunteers formed, who are willing to deliver Food Hampers from the Aldershot distribution agencies to the front door of those in need and who can’t or shouldn’t go out.
Aldershot is a true ‘village’ pulling together to help each other.

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2 comments to Aldershot community working with St. Matthews on food collection

  • Mary Alice

    Awesome … thank you Jim Young and Pepper.

  • Penny Hersh

    This is a wonderful initiative. I know that Wellington Square Church is preparing meals and packaging them for people to come pick them up at the church and I think arranging for delivery, but not certain, for those who cannot come to the church.

    It is always the church’s who get together to help out with the necessities of life.

    At the Burlington Seniors Centre, the kitchen, known as the Bistro, has stock on hand, has the City given this to a Food Bank. There is a great need at Food Banks as supermarkets and people who would normally donate food have none to give at this time.

    Perhaps City Hall should take a lesson from these volunteers. Keeping residents informed as to what is happening with regard to Covid 19 is extremely important. Staff, who are working from home, could be helping in organizing the every day needs of residents, why does it always seem to fall to volunteers to be doing this?

    I have been unable to find out who will be answering the questions for the “random” phone calls for the phone in Town Hall that is happening next week? Can anyone answer this question?

    Kudos for St. Matthews and the volunteers for doing this.