Another piece of the Taylor legacy to be decided upon: Public art for Mountainside Recreation Centre.

By Pepper Parr

March 20, 2014


It will be part of his legacy, a project he has patiently nurtured and developed for his constituents. As it nears completion attention has to be paid to what there will be in terms of public art.

Currently  undergoing a major redevelopment the Mountainside Recreation Centre is slated to have some public art on the site.

John Taylor could not let the revamped Mountainside recreation Centre open without some public art.  Burlington has a contract in place with Cobalt Connect, a Hamilton based arts consulting group that oversaw the selection of the Spiral Stella that is in front of the Performing Arts Centre.

Cobalt Connects wants to receive Expressions of Interest from artists. The project has a budget of $20,000 and an April 29, 2014 deadline for the Expression of Interest

Mountainside is located at 2205 Mount Forest Drive, in Burlington. This competition is open to all Canadian artists.

Built in 1969 Mountainside Arena was the City of Burlington’s 4th public arena. Over the past several years, the Mountainside Recreation Centre has been undergoing a major transformation. The grounds have received numerous improvements and the recreation centre, including the arena and pool buildings, is now being redeveloped.

ZAS Architects are leading the site redevelopment and have been heavily influenced by the incredible grounds surrounding the facility. The sense of open space, wooded lots and the embrace of nature on the site have been reflected in the architecture.

The Mountainside Recreation Centre site is multifaceted and allows for many opportunities for public art. It is the intent of the Steering Committee to allow the selected artist time to fully explore the site and its uses prior to developing an artwork concept. As such, the nature of this public art opportunity is open-ended. The commissioned artwork can be in any medium and sited in a number of different locations throughout the property (interior and exterior spaces are available).

Ward 3 Councillor John Taylor will want to have his mitts all over who is on the committee that selects the artist chosen to do the public art for the Mountainside recreational centre.

An artwork proposal is not requested at this time. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of past work, professional qualifications, and experience. Short-listed artists will be required to participate in an interview with the Selection Committee to determine the finalist.

There are additional details at: where you can download an application form.

Expression of Interest forms are due on or before Tuesday April 29, 2014 at 4:00 PM.

The Cobalt Connects contact is Kim Selman: (905) 548-0111; Mobile: (905) 515-9334; Email:




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