Are the Rainbow Crosswalks becoming a political issue?

By Staff

August 20th, 2021



Seems there is still some mileage in the Rainbow Crosswalk issue.

The decision to create Rainbow crosswalks through out the city left a bitter taste in the mouths of several members of City Council.

Then it looked as if it had died down as an issue.

Mayor Meed Ward has taken the Crosswalk issues to heart,

Councillor Sharman thinks what the Mayor is doing is disrespectful.

Yesterday Councillor Paul Sharman, who was one of those opposed to what the Mayor had her heart set out on doing, posted a tweet letting his supporters know that he thought what the Mayor was doing was “petty opportunism.”

Several Gazette readers have called the Mayor’s decision as going after the “gay vote”.  Is there such a thing in Burlington ?

There is a large number of people who strongly support the rights of groups that are sensitive about how the public reacts to them.

Mayor Meed Ward has chosen to position herself as a champion of those people which is good.  Let’s not let that “championing” become exploitation.


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