Art Gallery has a lively program - despite the pandemic - and Zoom works quite well

By Staff

October 16th, 2021



Despite pandemic limitations life goes on – and the Art Gallery has managed to keep up with a flow of information and opportunities to be involved.

There is an interesting series of Zoom events – one that takes a deeper look at the work of an artist at the Gallery

The next Step into the Studio virtual event series takes place on October 26th at 10:30; a virtual visit to the lively studio of ceramic artist Wayne Cardinalli.

Register HERE for that event.

The Gallery is open to the public.  One recent visitor explained her visit experience this way:

“I came to visit on an early Saturday afternoon and had the place practically to myself. It was very peaceful and relaxing to wander through the building viewing the various exhibits of artworks. They also have a small conservatory (where you can even purchase small plants!) which I was not anticipating whatsoever. I found I spent a good chunk of my visit amongst the flora.

“Definitely recommend if you need a small (not to mention free!) time filler and are in the area.”

There are two Workshops you might want to look into

Microbial Sculpture
October 23 | 1 PM
Online, via Zoom
Register Now






alt-text as poetry
October 25 | 6 PM
Online, via Zoom
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