Art Gallery draws in its extensive collection for current ceramics exhibit - on display until April.

artsorange 100x100By Pepper Parr

January 12th, 2018



Over the last thirty years the Art Gallery of Burlington has amassed the largest comprehensive collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics in the world, totaling over 2300 works. The work ranges from the highly functional to sculptural installations.

Multi coloured AGB

The Art Gallery ceramics collection is extensive – this beauty just sprouts colour and energy.

Collection policy has dictated that we not only have a representational selection of work from coast, to coast, to coast, but we have earmarked artists of outstanding importance where we collect their work in depth to represent their career span. The Collection looks at the intersection where high craftsmanship and artistic expression converge.

A portion, a very small portion of the collection is now on display in the Perry Gallery, which is a rather small room – not much space to move around in.

Blue cock 2 AGB

It is a tea pot – it will draw some critical comment. The AGB probably has the only one in existence in its collection.

Jonathan Smith, Curator of the collections at the Art Gallery doesn’t get too man opportunities to put the ceramics collection on display. He, along with Dennis Longchamps and other members of the staff have done a superb job of choosing the collection that is on display now.

The reception for this event is Friday February 2nd in the evening.comment black

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