Art Gallery video - a nice look at what the Art Gallery has to offer.

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January 15th,2018



Everyone knows we have an Art Gallery. A significant number of people attend events at the Gallery. Hundreds of young people take courses and hundreds more seniors are active participants in the Guilds.

art etc video

Some of the Art Etc retail operation at the Art Gallery of Burlington.

The Art Etc shop offers the best selection of arts and craft related products in the city. The quality is close to unsurpassed.

The Gallery has its supporters – they are loyal and generous and the funds they provide are needed.

Utter Morris, a Burlington based insurance agency that has been in business since 1927, underwrote the cost of a short video – it is part story about the Gallery, and an appreciation of what the Gallery has to offer and a bit of a look at how the place works.

Hopefully the Tourism department will make use of it and perhaps the developers of all those high rise condominiums can use the material in their sales presentations.

It’s worth looking at – CLICK for the link.

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1 comment to Art Gallery video – a nice look at what the Art Gallery has to offer.

  • Susie

    Great that you are promoting the Art Gallery to the Developers of “all” the high rises that are planned for the downtown area as there will be none of the existing merchants left for any Tourist or resident to browse.