Art Gallery volunteers being treated to a PRIVATE performance - Haley to entertain 300 plus their guests.

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May 2nd, 2016


Burlington has thousands of people who volunteer – and it could use an additional thousand tomorrow – there is no reason to be at home doing nothing in this city. Volunteers make the place work.

The Art Gallery of Burlington has 300 + volunteers and they wanted to find a way to thank them in a very special way.

They found a way – they are sponsoring a PRIVATE performance of the Hayley Marie Remple concert at the Performing Arts Centre.

Volunteers only –

The performance – named “An Evening in Paris” is a combination of superb flute playing by Hayley Marie interspersed by short gossipy videos of the men who composed the music she will be playing.

Remple has certainly done her research – she tells all kinds of little known facts about some of the greatest composers the world has ever heard.

While Beethoven is not one of the composers she will be playing – the video on him is a delight– Remple calls them Two minute Talks.

Try this one – it is a hoot.


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