Art in Action Studio Tour - November 3rd and 4th.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 29th, 2018



This will be the 16th Annual Art in Action Tour; a two day event that takes you into almost every corner of the city to look at the work done by local artists and talk to the men and women who did the work.
If you take the tour, the price is certainly right – FREE – you will meet interesting people and learn what it is that takes them in the direction they have chosen.

Tour runs on both November 3rd and 4th – you won’t miss the locations – there are signs ensuring that you won’t get lost.


As you travel from studio to studio you will find yourself bumping into people you saw at a previous gallery – some fast friendships have been made this way.

Here are the artists – and where they are located. Make a day of it.

Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3Studio 4Studio 5 Studio 9 revisedStudio 6Studio 7Studio 8If you think you don’t know enough about art to go on a tour, think again – you don’t have to know anything.

If you see something you like – you get a chance to talk to the artist and you may end up buying the piece.

On my very first tour I saw a postcard of a painting that intrigued me.

cat losier

The “stoned” cat.

Several years later I got to meet the artist and mentioned the post card I had bought and learned to my delight that the original was available.

Met with the artist, saw the original, bought the original but have yet to frame it. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I swear the cat that was done as a “transfer” was stoned – that appealed to me.
And no – my piece of art is not for sale.

That cat and I understand each other.

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1 comment to Art in Action Studio Tour – November 3rd and 4th.

  • Hey Pepper. Thanks for the write up. The tour is looking forward to having a studio at the AGB this year. A great addition to our community event.
    Fingers crossed for nice weather.
    You will find me in studio 8.