Art work for the new pavilion at City View Park

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February 10th, 2020



The City of Burlington is inviting residents to provide feedback on three design concepts for a sculpture for City View Park.

Pre game training City view Park

Pre-game warm up field is just one part of the facilities at City View Park a location in the western part of the city on Dundas.

City View Park has been going through lots of changes and has three artificial turf fields, creative playground, parking, pond/wetland, trails, natural restoration and a park maintenance facility. In the next phase, the City will add a pavilion in 2020. The sculpture will complement the park building.

The artwork concepts can be seen Feb. 10 to 23 at Brant Hills Community Centre and at Burlington Public Library – Central Branch. The concepts will also be available online at .

Residents are invited to take a look at the three proposed designs and share their thoughts. These comments, along with the technical and design proposals will help with the jury’s final selection.

City View Park pavillion

The art work will be kept at the pavilion.

Artwork Location
The artwork will be in front of the pavilion. This area will be a connection point in City View, linking pathways from the future parking lot to the entrance of the pavilion and central roadway. You will also be able to see the artwork from inside the pavilion’s main lobby glass walls.

Artist Selection
Last fall, the City asked for artists to let us know if they were interested in creating a sculpture to go with the new pavilion. Over 50 artists responded and the community jury made up of residents, local artists and project stakeholders reviewed these submissions and selected three finalists to develop preliminary artwork concepts.

The jury will consider public feedback when they select the winning proposal.
The selected artists are:

Ludovic Boney
Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales
Hooman Mehdizadehjafari
Ludovic Boney – Fragment

Fragment is a sculpture made of assembled aluminum plates which form layers over its entire height. Its roughness and irregular composition are reminiscent of the layers of stratified stone. The irregular angles and triangular shapes that make up Fragment are inspired by the angular architecture of the pavilion and the landscaping around it

Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales – Un(HERD)
Un(HERD) is meant to be a reminder of Burlington´s natural beauty and its relationship with nature, as an important necessity for “healthy living.” With nine heads raised and nine pairs of ears piqued and alert, the team of the females of the species Un(HERD) finds a natural home here. This piece is meant to echo Burlington´s commitment to nature, preservation, and coexistence.

Hooman Mehdizadehjafari – Soar
Inspired by the oldest living creature in Eastern North America, the public art design Soar inherited its form from the Eastern White Cedar. The 17-foot-tall metal sculpture reflects the rich natural heritage of the region, in particular the Niagara Escarpment. The diversity of materials used creates a play of colours that can often be seen in nature and alludes to the diverse and united community of Burlington.

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