Bank closed due to Covid19 outbreak. It is out there - amongst us. Time for serious caution

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November 12th, 2020



The Bank of Nova Scotia on Brant Street north of Caroline was closed for a short period of time due to two staff contracting COVID-19.

BNS sign

While difficult to read the sign sauntil November 30th

The Bank has re-opened with slightly reduced staff and after a through cleaning done by an outside third party contractor.

The virus is now working its way through the city.  It will not cease until stronger action is taken.

The province is expected to announce plans that came out of a Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Would a downtown mobility hub result in greater density on the east side of Brant Street? Would traffic from the core work itself to the Burlington GO station?

Brant Street, east side, north of Caroline.

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5 comments to UPDATED Bank closed due to Covid-19 outbreak. It is out there – amongst us. Time for serious caution

  • Penny Hersh

    Anne/Dave, I have asked myself the same question. Where is our leadership when it comes to dealing with Covid 19 in Burlington? We hear very little or nothing from our councillors when it comes to Covid.

    People are coming from other areas that are in” red zones” to shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and work in our hair salons. I know this for a fact. This is how this virus is being spread. All areas should be under the same rules to avoid the spread from one city to another. Yet our mayor, joined other mayors to encourage Doug Ford to treat every area differently.

    Why is it that the needs of businesses seem to supersede the health of the residents? A healthy economy needs a healthy population not the other way around.

    • Penny we are in complete agreement with you number 1 is the health and welfare of the families of Burlington and Halton. There is so much more that our audits show is contrary to the well-being of Ontario families. Would like you to contact us 905-467-2860 been trying to get in touch for a while.

  • Mike

    The Mayor is with Doug. We should be very worried.

    • Quote from the Mayor after totally ignoring warnings (cases 25 – 17% higher than Hamilton over the last two weeks who were afraid they were heading for the red) “I support this measure, along with the new thresholds, given the new and concerning modeling that was released this week.” What kind of leadership has meetings behind closed doors and continues to do what needs to be done to extend downtown patios when our cases have been record breaking and 25-17% higher than Hamilton’s for the past TWO WEEKS. That kind of behaviour is bizarre. Could she not see the writing on the wall! It was happening whether you supported it or not Mayor MeedWard our Premier will not hesitate to act as he should when Halton lives are at stake #AllLivesMatter. The Burlington Mayor, Gary Carr and our MOH have been missing in action over the last two weeks. They need to step up or step down.

  • There is an elitist, privileged component of the Burlington Community who think they are above the laws and have a very selfish attitude towards their fellow man. The City and the Region of Halton need to start enforcement with huge fines attached to them if we are ever to get back to normal where this selfish sector will not have the same impact. The City was very clear:

    The 2020 Remembrance Day ceremony is going virtual and will be live
    streamed at, beginning at 10:45 a.m. on Nov. 11.
    Please do not go to the Burlington Cenotaph.

    CHCH served us well with a wonderful service from the Airplane Museum, The Burlington Cenotaph service was live streamed andThe Burlington Historic Society did their bit too what more could have been done to stop the selfish sector appearing on Brant Street in view of the Cenotaph. The vets asked us to stay home, our leaders asked us to stay home and most of us did. Unfortunately, it is that small selfish sector that can see us in lock down and we are not seeing anything from Halton and Burlington leadership that is going to stop them. Instead we see closed meetings and letters being written by our Mayor to ask that tent patios
    be allowed to exist downtown outside the Provincial laws. Roll on October 2022 and hopefully a much smarter electorate. Halton positive cases from October 27 – November 11, 2020 are 695 compared to Hamilton’s 562. Carr, Meed Ward and our MOH seem to have been struck dumb in terms of what help we need and what we need to do to prevent the fears of Hamilton leadership first becoming reality in Halton. Hello folks where are you leadership are supposed to lead not take cover.