Bates precinct will be the location of many of the 19th century homes that give the city much of its character.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

January 6th, 2018


Part four of a multi-part editorial feature on the precincts and mobility hub being planned for the downtown core

The Bates Precinct is a new precinct which formally recognizes the policy direction in the current Official Plan to retain and improve the existing character of the low-rise areas located on the west side of Brant Street, between Baldwin Street and Caroline Street and the west side of Locust Street between Caroline Street and Elgin Street.

Bates precinctThe Bates Precinct also responds to public feedback, which identified a strong desire to protect existing heritage character in the downtown.

Draft Intention Statement:
The Bates Precinct recognizes and preserves the concentrated historic character along sections of Locust and Brant Streets including buildings and streetscapes. The precinct acknowledges that limited opportunities for development may exist and will respect and respond to the existing historic character of buildings and their adaptive re-use over time, through the use of building forms and materials currently existing within the precinct as well as by maintaining the existing parcel fabric.

The proposed Bates Precinct includes a Special Policy Area located at the northwest corner of Elgin Street and Locust Street that recognizes the node created by the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, City Hall, the approved Saxony development and the future extension of the Elgin Promenade.


The Saxony was approved for four storeys – the developer as returned to the city asking for permission to add an additional two storeys to the development.

No mention is made of what height restrictions might be for that Special Policy Area.  If the city is every going to do anything with the existing city hall – that location becomes critical.

Church corner Ontario and LocustThe Bates Precinct includes key policy directions intended to retain the last remaining historical streetscapes, buildings and building fabric as well as to establish a maximum building height of 3 storeys to ensure the compatibility of new development within the precinct and with the adjacent St. Luke’s Neighbourhood Precinct.

What little there is left of that older downtown Burlington everyone wants to see retained is in this part of the city.

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1 comment to Bates precinct will be the location of many of the 19th century homes that give the city much of its character.

  • William

    More fine words but no guarantees especially as the special policy areas will be determined later.

    What the planners don’t reveal is that the west side of Locust from Caroline to Ontario, over to Hurd have been added to the Urban Growth boundaries – now subject to the 200 people per hectare intensification. With land values now worth so much more – good luck protecting the heritage in that area.

    See video: