British Car Show at Bronte Creek Provincial Park - more than 100 vehicles on display.

Event 100By Allan Harrington

September 21, 2015


The weather was perfect – a great day for those of us who appreciate almost everything British to see  about 1,000 motor cars on  display in neat rows on the pleasant grass-covered fields of the Bronte Creek park. Some came from as far away as New York and Pennsylvania to get nestled between the trees.

Brit cars - in rows

Thousands of cars – all British – and a perfect day.

There is such a rich variety among British motor vehicles that are distinctively different from the typical style of North American cars. Whether it is their soft curved lines, google-eye headlights, or being slung low to the ground.

Britcar - Rolls

Proud – very British – posh!

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Land Rover
Majestic people carriers suitable for a chauffeur to romp across a country estate. One Rolls Royce there claims to be the original used in the old Grey Poupon mustard advert.

Britcar - blue hood up

Meant for narrow windy roads – with the wind in your hair.

Triumph, McLaren, TVR
Sporty models built to easily traverse the thin winding two lane back roads of England.

Austin Mini, Sunbeam, MG
Tiny ones that can dart through the busy congested city of London a la Mr. Bean.

Britcar - bright cars - like smarties

They look like Smarties in a bowl – all bright colours – great for skipping about crowded streets.

De Lorean
Famous from the Back to the Future movies. About 11 made it to the show in their typical stainless steel silver plus and one in a bronze gold colour. Being made in Belfast Northern Ireland they are welcome among the other Brit-Mobiles. Yes all the flux capacitors were functioning.

Lotus, Aston Martin
High tech cars James Bond can do his spy business with.

Isn’t car manufacturing dead in the UK? No. There are over 30 car manufacturers in Britain with total output being just over half the number made in Canada. Well “somebody” needs to keep making the cars with a steering wheel on the wrong side.

Britcar - with basket

A grateful child – with a picnic basket to make the day perfect.

Boots and Bonnets
Visitors were asked to vote on their favourite and with so many excellent choices — it was impossible task for this visitor.

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