BTTB going to the Rose Bowl parade in 2018 - 5th time they have earned this honour.

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November 17, 2016



The Burlington Teen Tour Band has been selected to take part in the January 1st, 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade!! There is no better way to end of the band’s 70th Anniversary year then to be selected as a Rose Bowl Band!

BTTB - O canadaThis is a biggie – an accomplishment that very few bands are ever given the opportunity to participant in. This will be the 5th time the BTTB has been given this honour so even in our own history a very small number of band members have been a part of an achievement of this magnitude!

It may seem like a far way off…it is not! The Band has a lot to accomplish between now and the

They need to recruit at least 40 more members. The band has to be a minimum of 200 members.


The stadium where the American football classic is played.


A part of the Rose Bowl parade – one of the best in the United States.

Expect a knock on the door – they will be out fund raising, Dedication and commitment on the part of the band members – to attend all performances and rehearsals as they prepare for this 5.5 mile parade.

The Rose Bowl – an American football classic takes place in Pasadena California.

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1 comment to BTTB going to the Rose Bowl parade in 2018 – 5th time they have earned this honour.

  • Ann De Krey

    I am a proud BTTB Booster.

    We certainly have an important task before us. In the past two years the Band has represented Canada in the Netherlands for the 70th anniversary of liberation and on Monday leave for Hawaii to honour the fallen and veterans on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour as the only non American band invited to participate.

    These tours provide band members with extraordinary life experiences – it’s about the music, the learning, and the appreciation of those that came before. They are supported by dedicated band management, parents and Boosters, supporters around the world and always the citizens of Burlington.

    Rose Bowl speaks to their reputation and it’s a true celebration of the sheer talent this band has.

    We will again be working hard to help band members fund this experience. Not until I stepped into my role on the Booster Executive did I understand the magnitude of the work and funding required to allow, in this case, 200 band members to do what they do best… represent Canada with professionalism, compassion and talent.

    Well done BBTB – you always do us proud.