Budget approved - taxes will increase by 4.42%

Budget 2017 ICON aaBy Pepper Parr

January 19th, 2017



City council passed a budget that reflects an increase over last year of 4.42%

The budget decision was not unanimous – passed on a vote of 5-2.

Mayor Goldring said in his comments on the budget that this was the first time he recalls a budget coming out with a higher amount than they had when they started; in other words they increased the spending beyond wat staff had asked for.

Friends of Freeman got the $50,000 they needed; the seniors lucked out – no free transit for them.

More details to follow

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8 comments to Budget approved – taxes will increase by 4.42%

  • Maggie

    I live in the house I grew up in which I inherited from my father. It officially became mine in 2012. Since that time I have seen my taxes close to double. Between that and the cost of hydro I am looking at having to sell my house. I don’t want to. I had planned to live the rest of my life here (at least in the summer). This is becoming not the best option for me. With housing prices the way they are I could make a tidy sum. Not much of it will be spent in Canada though. While I will come back for visits I will not live here. I’m very fond of Belize and the cost of living is much better as is the climate. Property taxes are less than $100 a year. I pay over three times that month. I can write from anywhere. I seriously think it might be time to say goodbye Canada.

  • CMG

    Funny, I don’t recall getting a 4.42% increase in income recently, or ever! That, combined with carbon tax and increased hydro rates…. pretty hard to make ends meet. The only affordable option is to pitch a tent down by the creek, I guess.

  • Phillip

    Yet another example of how out-of-touch the mayor & councillors are with ordinary residents and taxpayers. All they know is “tax & spend”. Doug is right–you don’t have money for seniors transit but you spend $$$$ on cyclists???? What message is this sending? Answer: time to send this whole group to the sidelines in November, 2018.

  • gordon

    As I’ve said, Meed Ward is no friend of the over populated senior community. What a slap in the face!

    • Fred Crockett

      Gordon, Maryanne promoted the seniors program to council. Your friends killed it. Ignorance elected Trump – it keeps most of our council employed well past their best-before date. Time for term limits.

      • Phillip

        Fred, most of this crew needed retiring a long time ago. The arrogant indifference of the mayor and the council to Burlington residents/taxpayers is based on the mistaken belief that they have a huge mandate to do whatever they want based on the last election. The biggest joke is Dennison voting against the budget but he has no problem spending $$$$ on his cycling buddies. Time to drain the swamp!

  • doug

    Unbelievable, cookie cutter train station gets thousands, a handful of bike riders get millions spent on them, but hundreds of seniors can’t ride empty buses for free in off peeks hours, is just plain stupitity.

    With taxes going up, hydro rip off from Wynn, Thanks seniors for your years of tax paying, but sorry, since you won’t be able get to polling stations we don’t need to worry about you or your lost vote.

    Must be nice for these high and mighty Councillors who have elderly parents that don’t need a break.

  • Brian Jones

    Bad news for residents. Just may show irresponsibility by councillors in demanding more than staff calculated.