Burlington grass is greener - Mayor helps out attracting new building official

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April 10th, 2021



Meed Ward hands out frnt city hall

Mayor Meed Ward – welcomes the best to the city

The Mayor sent out a note from her Linked In account today, touting how great it is to work for the city of Burlington and pointing to the need for a Manager of Building Inspections and Deputy Chief Building Official. Job pays between $112,000 and $140,000.

If you follow the links that are part of the message the Mayor sent out we learn that:

“As you look through our current job openings, remember: the grass is greener at the City of Burlington. With approximately 890 full-time and 600 part-time employees, we focus on teamwork, collaboration and investing in our co-workers. It’s no wonder our employee turnover rate is less than 7 per cent (that’s good). The City of Burlington is an award winning city, filled with award winning staff. In fact, we put the “greater” in the GTA.

Laura Boyd 2a

Laura Boyd, Director of Human Resources

“We surveyed our staff and the top reasons why they chose to work/stay with the City of Burlington are the location/commute, the people, benefits and pension. Burlington is located between three major highways, has three GO train stations, public transit, bike paths and change and shower facilities at all main working locations.

“As public servants, our job is to provide excellent public service and good value for taxes. Our staff know this and are proud of the work they do, because as Canada’s best mid-sized city, we’re second to none. Our staff are dedicated, caring, professional and award winning.

“We have excellent benefits and pension as well as flexible work arrangements such as work from home, job sharing/rotations and a compressed work week. If you want to join a forward-thinking organization, apply today. Come for the job, stay for the career. We’ve got it all.”

Having the Mayor out there touting the city is a good thing. And there area lot of exceptional people working at city hall.

A report from the Human Resources department in the not too distant past paints a bit of a different picture.

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6 comments to Burlington grass is greener – Mayor helps out attracting new building official

  • Howard

    The employee opinion survey was dismal. The pay scale does not compete with its shiny sister Oakville. That makes it tough to attract talent from other public sector branches. We compete with Hamilton. Living in Hamilton is far cheaper than Burlington when it comes to housing affordability. Public sector employees know the state of Burlington which certainly has a lingering smell. We have a mayor that truly believes she is in charge of all operational oversight. Why have a city manager? All public sector positions are posted in credible online job boards. That’s where they look not a politician’s personal career profile. It tells me she wants in on the hiring process….shocker.

  • Alfred

    Breaking News!!!

    President Joe Biden announces an attempt to remove exclusionary Zoning from Cities in The USA. As part of the 2.3 Trillion Infrastructure package. Cities that lift excusionary zoning will be rewarded with huge Federal grants and loans.

    For the low-info crowds. Exclusionary zoning is zoning that is extremely regulated in many cases allowing only single family homes to be built in an area. An example of this would be the City of Burlington.

    Our Mayor the Queen of exclusion may soon be in for a rude awakening. As this is becoming the new norm. More semi-detached, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes in low density areas. This is being done do desegregate rich from poor. There is serious discussions of putting highrises in these neighbourhoods as well.

    What do you think a 25 storey tower in Roseland. LOL.

    God bless America.

    PS. The folkes in Millcroft could be in for a lot worse.

  • Sharon

    I can’t imagine working at City Hall under the current Mayor is pleasant. She is a self centred 1 man show. As previously mentioned her way or the highway.

  • A report from the Human Resources department in the not too distant past paints a bit of a different picture. – kudos for accuracy reporting. We repeat Alfred’s comment on that report just in case readers don’t get it.

    July 20, 2019 at 1:24 pm
    With Mayor Chaos at the Helm and all these folks jumping ship. Or her my way or the highway approach. Some employees are having trouble being forced to ignore Provincial polices which they have an obligation to follow. Instead being forced to follow The Mayors misguided policies inconstant with Provincial policies. Reminds me of the movie Titanic watching people jumping from the ship before it goes down.

  • Owen Scop

    I seem to be a man out of touch and out of his time. I look at things such as the Mayor’s recruitment promo and I wonder why everything today has to be snappy and cliché ridden. Why do we have to media-speak everything? Just give me the details of the position please – duties and responsibilities, necessary or desired qualifications, remuneration and benefits. Frankly, when I read phrases like “we focus on teamwork, collaboration and investing in our co-workers” or “the City of Burlington is an award winning city, filled with award winning staff… we put the “greater” in the GTA”, I begin to seriously doubt the reality of the statements. I much prefer business speak for business transactions. It’s clear, understandable and measurable. Everything about this administration is a little too “feel goody” and it’s beginning to wear very thin with me. But, as I said, I’m probably both ‘out of touch’ and ‘out of my time’.

  • Albert

    Whatever happened to Promoting from within? More incentive to stay long term.