Burlington has the lowest number of COVID19 cases in the Region - but this week was 10 higher than last week.

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April 13th, 2020



Despite a report that there are infections at two units of the Joseph Brant Hospital the picture overall for the Region is, on balance, showing the results of staying home and being very careful when you do have to go out.

A full report on data released by the Regional Public Health Unit will follow later today – there is one indicator that will leave Burlingtonians feeling quite positive.

Figure shows that by end of the day on April 12, the greatest number of COVID-19 cases were among residents of Oakville (with 122 cases, or 34%). Please note this figure shows counts, and therefore does not take into account the different population sizes or age structures of the four municipalities. Counts in municipalities can also be inflated by outbreaks that have occurred within institutions in their boundaries.

bu municipality

Data as at April 8th, 2020

The visuals tell part of the story.  Number of COVID-19 cases for each municipality in the Region.

Municipal level

Data as at April 12th, 2020

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9 comments to Burlington has the lowest number of COVID19 cases in the Region – but this week was 10 higher than last week.

  • Oguz Eroler

    Today April 15, since April 12, there is no update about covit19 for Halton region.

  • David

    I was looking for differences, having a higher income does tend to afford people more travel….That theory just went out the window after checking Halton’s latest infection numbers by municipality, Halton Hills is climbing….Why is Burlington’s numbers so low? Is Jenna right about the under testing in Burlington?

  • Peter Lay

    Meaningless until widespread testing available

  • Jenna

    They are under testing in Burlington. Many with symptoms have been denied tests because they have not recently travelled. If more testing were done, the number would be very different.

  • David

    Population of Burlington and Oakville are about the same, The average household net worth has Oakville rated the highest, Oakville $1.7m, Burlington $1.09m. Since tracking these numbers Oakville has always had the highest infection rate…..Travel maybe?

    • Don Fletcher

      Please help me to understand the causality of COVID-19 infection rate to household net worth.

  • No matter how good a job the Mayor and Council have done these low numbers for Burlington cannot be solely credited to her. The Mayor will we are sure agree with us that these peculiar times have brought a blessing to her – more time spent with her family than she probably has had since she was first elected in 2010. On the other hand Burlington has a huge population of grandparents some of them widowed and, therefore, staying home on their own not because they want to or because the mayor told them to but simply because they know it is in the best interests of all that they do. Like us they pine for their grandchildren’s hugs and their endless chatter but make do with looking at their latest photos and praying that they and their parents will all be kept safe and the rent/mortgage will be paid with enough over to put food on the table. We wonder if those we normally spend so much time with other than our family, on a weekly basis will make it through; if our past very full social lives much of it in a volunteer capacity will ever return and how many who we shared so much with will never make it back to our favorite meeting places, our places of worship or our summer communities.

    • David

      Just hang in there. Over Seventy scientific teams worldwide are working on various vaccine treatment’s and have registered with the WHO….

  • Claudette Mancini

    That’s because we have a real go-to mayor who takes no guff and sets limits to whatever she feels needs to be done. Way to go, Marianne!!!