Burlington is the first stop of a World Premier tour of Sleeping Beauty - October 2nd

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eptember 1, 2015


The Performing Arts Centre is going to be one of the stops for the World Premiere Tour of the unique classical ballet Sleeping Beauty.
The performance will take place October 2, 2015 at 8:00 pm.

Dance Critic Gary Smith will give a pre-show talk, in addition to a post-show chat with the artists.

Sleeping Beauty, Performance, Act I

Sleeping Beauty, Performance, Act I

Sleeping Beauty is one of the world‘s most famous classical ballets and holds a place in the repertoire of virtually every major company.

This major new ballet tells the enchanting story of Aurora and her prince complete with its inherently magical qualities and dazzling choreography. The fairy tale about a young woman placed under a spell to sleep for a hundred years only to be awakened by a kiss is an easily accessible story. It appeals to a child’s imagination and holds a special place in the hearts of adults.

Sleeping beauty - blue suit maale

Superb performances of Sleeping Beauty are going to take place on the stage at the Performing Arts Centre – October 2

The underlying theme is the tug between the forces of good (the Lilac Fairy) and evil (Carabosse), serving as an important thread to the plot. Told in three acts, the ballet benefits from the character development and technical expertise for which Canada’s Ballet Jörgen is known.

Artistic Director and award-winning choreographer Bengt Jörgen focuses on the magical elements and the interpretation of the ballet as a nature allegory: The young woman represents nature, the wicked fairy is winter, who deadens life with pricks of frost until a young man, spring, cuts away the brambles to allow the sun to awaken sleeping nature. Sleeping Beauty by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen draws on the traditional choreography by Marius Petipa to spin a tale of nature and love that will inspire young and old alike.

Sleeping beauty - red coated male

Sleeping Beauty has a very large cast – it is a traditional ballet that has been done as a Walt Disney film and is a favorite with young people and adults that appreciate the richness of the story and the strength of the dancers.

The delightful story will be danced to the original 1890 score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, set to a libretto based on Charles Perrault’s story La Belle au bois dormant. In ensemble with stunning costumes and captivating lighting design, Sleeping Beauty by Canada‘s Ballet Jörgen is guaranteed to provide an evening of entertaining and inspiring live performance.

If you want your children to have some understanding of what great ballet is – this is the event to take them to – the Walt Disney movie version always does well – real dancers with fabulous choreography is one of those things every child should have an opportunity to see.

Tickets can be purchased online www.burlingtonpac.ca, by phone 905-681-6000 or in person at the Box Office located at 440 Locust Street.

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