Burlington MP takes a strong stand on women's health rights in the House of Commons.

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October 9th, 2020



There was nothing queasy or slippery about a comment made in the House of Commons by Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damoff.

Speaking in the House of Commons earlier this week Damoff said:

“Madam Speaker, this pandemic has disproportionately been felt by women and girls, intensifying societal issues of inequality, including access to critical sexual and reproductive health services.

Damoff ofice opening

Oakville North Burlington MP Pam Damoff

“I am disheartened by the closure of Clinic 554 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, limiting access for sexual and reproductive health services, including abortion. Even in Halton, women have limited access to abortion.
It is essential for governments to stand up for human rights and not exacerbate issues facing those most in need of care.

“The Leader of the Opposition has refused to condemn statements made by one of his members comparing abortion to slavery. Abortion is essential health care and the decision should be made by a women and her doctor, not by men legislating control of women’s bodies.

“We must always be firm in our support for women to have access to full reproductive and sexual health services. Access to these critical services is an issue of women’s rights.”

Crystal clear as to where Damoff stands on this issue.

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2 comments to Burlington MP takes a strong stand on women’s health rights in the House of Commons.

  • Eve St Clair

    Give me a break ,MP Damoff is barking up the wrong tree. How she ever got elected twice for doing absolutely nothing except shilling for a charity is beyond me . Free speech last time I checked was alive and well . Perhaps Ms Damoff should look at the corruptions and criminal charges in her own Liberal party before she points fingers .

  • Alide Camilleri

    Good girl! Or should I say, Excellent, Madam MP. Sounds more mature. We need more honest people fighting for women’s rights and health.