Burlington now has an additional vaccination site

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March 4th, 2021



An additional vaccination site has been added: Joseph Brant Hospital.

The five locations are:

Vacine- Milton

Vaccines being delivered to the Milton location

• Gellert Community Centre, 10241 Eighth Line, Georgetown

• St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre, 1280 Dundas Street, Oakville

• Compass Point Bible Church, 1500 Kerns Road, Burlington

• First Ontario Arts Centre Milton, 1010 Main Street East, Milton

• Joseph Brant Hospital, 1245 Lakeshore Road, Burlington (located at the hospital’s Pandemic Response Unit (PRU), which can be accessed through the South Tower Main Entrance off Lakeshore Road)

Registration for vaccinations anywhere in Halton  is at THIS location.

Registration at this point is for those over 80 ONLY.

Vaccines have been delivered to the Halton locations. Just days before people can get vaccinated.

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2 comments to Burlington now has an additional vaccination site

  • David Gore

    Great that there is one additionally site. On a different related matter not sure if you are aware that all dentists and their staff, chiropractors and their staff, etc. are now being vaccinated as well. I do not recall any publicity about the extension of phase 1 to these groups and wonder how many more groups will be added, potentially impacting the timing of seniors, who I understand still have the greatest risk of serious illness and hospitalization,

    • perryb

      The Province has basically punted figuring out how to do vaccination to the regions and Halton has responded admirably. They have launched a simple online registration tool and it seems to work well. The only problem is ironing out inconsistencies in the communications they issue. I have mentioned here before the confusion over who is “80”, which turns out to be anyone born any time in 1941, rather than their actual age. Another is the statement that the system only books the initial jab, when in fact it books the second as well, or seems to. I reported this to Halton, and received a non-committal reply of the “thank you for your views”variety. So I and some friends are reaching out to people we know who might be holding back because they won’t be 80 until July or whatever.