Vaccination roll out plan in place -now waiting for the vaccine to actually arrive - then needles can be jabbed into arms - it doesn't hurt

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

March 4th, 2021



With the vaccination registration system created by the Regional Public Health Unit up and running very efficiently -many have registered and know when they are going to get their first dose AND their second dose; every one now waits for the vaccine to actually arrive.

covid virus

This is what we are being protected against – a virus that has challenged the scientists.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into getting us to where we are – and this is just the beginning.

Burlington released data yesterday on how the roll out is expected to take place.

The graph below is small and not that easy to read – we pass along what we get – you can now determine what the plan is and where you fit in.

Following the simple rules and exercising some patience will get us all to the point where we are vaccinated and moving along to some state of normalcy.

Pandemics are a little like the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup – these things don’t happen very often and you don’t fully appreciate what has taken place until it is over.


vaccine roll out

This is the status of the vaccination roll out for Burlington as of March 3rd.

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2 comments to Vaccination roll out plan in place – now waiting for the vaccine to actually arrive – then needles can be jabbed into arms – it doesn’t hurt

  • Denise W.

    Asking……I think the Pf and M vaccines are being used on the over 80 crowd. The “other brand”, I believe is not as good (63 percent efficacy?) Further it does not really do anything to protect against variant covid such as the PF and M does. Is this true? I think this is behind a lot of people’s concerns in Europe. Will the others be able to get the Pf or M vaccine later on? My concern is that our third wave will be variant based. Or are all vaccines equal ?

  • Walter

    Ontario now has a lot of vaccines with more coming.
    Time for the Ford government to fulfill their end of the bargain by getting the vaccine to the regions.