Burlington opera diva, who is also the Mayor, will be performing in the seat of a Smart Car - you don't want to miss this event.

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July 2nd, 2019



She doesn’t tap dance and despite the view of some in the city she doesn’t walk on water but she does sing.

Few people know that Marianne Meed Ward was trained as an opera singer – you didn’t see that in the campaign literature did you?

She will not be appearing on the stage of the Performing Arts Centre but do look for her appearance in a future edition of Smart Car Coffee Confidential – the road show (literally) that James Burchill has been running on his web site and with Cogeco TV.

MMW with Burchill

She’s an opera singer – who knew?

Last fall Burchill had all four Mayoralty candidates in his car – Meed Ward was miles ahead of the others in the way she came across. She does know media.

In a conversation over lunch Burchill and I talked about what he would do next and mention of Her Worship came up – “why not put her back in the car – she’s great media – your audience will love it”, I suggested.

Burchill, who knows a sharp angle when he sees one, followed the lead and put the following on his LinkedIn page.

Since the then Councillor (now Mayor of Burlington,) Marianne Meed Ward and I filmed her Smartcar Coffee Confidential episode, we’ve been repeatedly asked when we’d make good on our promise to get together and sing.

Remember, Marianne is a classically trained opera singer! I can just about carry a tune, so this should be interesting. Anyway, I’m pleased to announce the stars (and calendars) have aligned and we’re set to film our repeat performance in late July. So if you see my little black Smartcar roaming around Burlington, with the Mayor and I belting out show tunes (or maybe some Neil Young,) just know we’re having fun, and you’ll be able to catch Mayor Meed Ward’s repeat performance on Season 2 of the Smartcar Coffee Confidential – coming later this summer both online and Cogeco’s YourTV.

This will be a “must watch” event. Could it lead to a part in a Performing Arts Centre event?

If you want to watch Meed Ward’s election performance in the front seat of a very small car – CLICK HERE

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1 comment to Burlington opera diva, who is also the Mayor, will be performing in the seat of a Smart Car – you don’t want to miss this event.

  • rob

    singing in a car when $500k was stolen oh well when its not your money and your not accountable as no one at city hall was fired