Burlington techies take to the internet and raise enough food contributions to provide 1500 Thanksgiving meals.

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October 9, 2015


A company involved in determining what kind of advertising shows up on your computer screen when you are online decided it wanted to do something to help people during the Thanksgiving weekend – a time of year when the Salvation Army holds a major food drive.
Direct Access Digital, a twenty eight employee firm in the east end of the city divided the staff into four teams that then competed with each other to see who could raise the most in the way of food contributions.

They raised enough food to provide 1500 Thanksgiving meals.

DAD Vanessa

Vanessa Mateus and “Captain Alpha with some of the food that was raised by employees at Digital Direct Access

Vanessa Mateus came up with the idea of giving back to the community, and the competitive nature that of the technology industry was all that was needed to result in 3000 items being purchased

In true digital fashion, Team Three, lead by “Captain Alpha”, quickly got online and ordered over 1200 items of canned goods to be delivered to the office and then taunted the other teams on the company’s blog to match that effort.

Digital Access Data (DAD) Director of Performance, Rob T. Case, has an affinity with the Food Bank. His family had used food banks for five years. After turning his life around, he became a successful digital marketer, worked at Google and joined the Direct Access Digital team this year.

Case said the food banks ” were there when his family of four needed them and it is important to give back, to show gratitude, especially at Thanksgiving.”

Another member of the team also claimed to have used the Food Bank in the past. She says, “Sometimes you find yourself in a place you never expected. You get help and drive forward.”

DAD co-founder, Eric Rodgers say that “When Vanessa Mateus, suggested we do something for The Salvation Army’s Food Drive it was absolutely something we wanted to support; we are always happy to help the community. There were challenges posted on our company blog from one team to another. It was pretty heated, but a competition worth winning.”

The team plans to do something for the holiday season, but they are not talking about their ideas yet.

Direct Access Digital, an award-winning digital-performance marketing agency based in Burlington is the two-time winner of The Google Search Excellence Award.

Founded in 2011, DAD has evolved into one of Canada’s leading boutique agencies, and now serve mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Known for their expertise in all digital marketing verticals, from search engine marketing (SEM) to search engine optimization (SEO), local search, social media marketing and more, their true hallmark is building strong partnerships with their clients and working diligently to deliver the tools, data and strategies that drive customer conversions and sales while aiding brand awareness. www.directaccessdigital.com

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