BurlingtonGreen sponsors a film on bikes vs cars - guess who wins?

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June 6, 2017



The next BurlingtonGreen event is a film presentation on Bikes versus card – a must see movie for the Gazette commentators who regular toss barbed comments at each other.

Wednesday, June 7th – a look at both the struggle for bicyclists in a society dominated by cars, and the revolutionary changes that could take place if more cities moved away from car-centric models.

Wednesday, at 6:30 pm – Central Library, 2331 New Street, Burlington

$5 admission (free for BG members).

Following the film, there will be time for audience discussion about the challenges and opportunities for cycling in Burlington with our event guests from the Burlington Cycling Advisory Committee.
Click here to see the film trailer.


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2 comments to BurlingtonGreen sponsors a film on bikes vs cars – guess who wins?

  • steve

    I can’t think of any city, even cities like Manhattan, which is “intensified” beyond compare, and where the bicycle is still just a infinitesimal player.

  • James

    A car hits a cyclist on a busy road where cyclists weave in and out of traffic, interfere with the flow of traffic, and behave VERY differently than all other vehicles on the road thereby making them completely unpredictable and in many cases nearly invisible to motorists – who wins?

    Most of us aren’t opposed to cycling in general, we’re opposed to the lobbyists that insist Burlington should focus less on cars and more on bikes, and should make car travel suffer in order to promote cycling. They look down upon those that have no other choice but to drive a car because our commutes are not bicycle-friendly, as though they are somehow superior. They want the 99.9% to change the way we live and move around this city for the sake of their 0.1%. THAT is the problem, and what causes most of the conflicts. It’s the attitude that comes with it, and it rubs people the wrong way.

    If you want to ride your bike, go right ahead, nobody’s stopping you, but if you’re going to ride at 20km/hr on a road designed for 60km/hr traffic, you better get out of our way and obey the traffic signs and signals, otherwise you’re going to get hit. Nobody wins when that happens.