Burlingtonians being Burlingtonians

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 22nd, 2020



The city opened up and people did what they have been wanting to do for months – get out and relax and be themselves.

The restaurants weren’t able to invite people inside – but they were able to open up patios and invite people to newly created pop up patios that met some of the need.

Social distancing was respected in most places – a few exceptions – hopefully no infections were passed around.

We will know in about ten days if we were behaving well enough to allow a further opening up.

It was great weather and a number of additional locations will be opening for the National holiday.

Gibbins Lord Nelson

Relaxing and enjoying being out with friends.

Gibbons - on tap

He wants his Mother to know where he was.

Gibbons cigar smoker

It was all about a good smoke.

Gibbons Wendell Clark

The restaurants wanted you to know that there patios were open.

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