BUSH to headline the Kick Off part of the 2019 Sound of Music Festival

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December 7th, 2018



We are not yet into winter – but the Sound of Music folks want you to plan for the summer and take a look at the headliner they have signed up for the 40th anniversary.

They have announced that the first co-headliner for the 2019 Kick-Off Concert will be BUSH who are celebrating 25 years since the debut of their multi-platinum album ’16 Stone’.


BUSH to be part of the headline events for the start of the Sound of Music 2019 Kick Off event. Free concerts part of the SoM begin on June 13th.

In an enthusiastic set of statements the SoM Executive Director, Myles D. Rusak said: “This truly is an exciting time for the Festival. Our goal is to see not only the Festival itself grow; but the entire entity that is the Sound of Music.

“Our kick-off generates critical resources that will allow us to realize this vision and in turn better support the Arts Community at large. You are going to see some amazing announcements and new initiatives to celebrate our 40th anniversary which in turn will pave the way for the next chapter that is the Sound of Music.”

The one day kick-off concert takes place five days before we open the proverbial doors to Canada’s Largest Free Music Festival -June 13-16, 2019.

Tickets are on sale now. Grab your tickets before Tier 1 quantities sell out. Prices will go up when Tier 2 pricing kicks in.
• ADULT $60
• YOUTH $25
• VIP $95
• FrontRow $95

The Kick off events, usually all ticketed events takes place five days earlier.

The Festival is currently recruiting for volunteers.
Visit soundofmusic.ca/volunteers if you are interested in applying.


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1 comment to BUSH to headline the Kick Off part of the 2019 Sound of Music Festival

  • Don Fletcher

    Thanks. I was hoping not to have to think about the Sound of Music Festival for another 6 months..We live on the waterfront and mercifully escape the worst of the SOMF by going sailing. Other of our neighbors are not so fortunate.

    Most Burlington residents have no sympathy for those of us who live down here & feel that the SOMF was here before us and that we knew what we were getting into. Not so! The Sound of Music Festival is much different than the one ten years ago, in increased duration, volume (dBs), profane lyrics, garbage, traffic congestion and risk to public security. It’s okay to attend selected performances and leave, but what if you lived here?

    The SOMF has outgrown Spencer Smith Park. It’s about time that the Parks & Recreation Department did a little medium-term planning & invested in an adjunct/ alternate site. What would be wrong with hosting some of the Rock n’ Roll groups in a more rural setting (a la Woodstock)? The long-suffering waterfront residents would welcome another Burlington community being prepared to share the joy (I would say burden).