Can I trust you?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

March 20th, 2020



A reader wrote is yesterday. He is well known, respected, held a very senior position before he retired.

He is not a nut case prone to extremes.

He wrote saying the following.

ItalyI have been in constant contact with my cousin in Northern Italy since Feb 23.

At that time and in her words, they were “panicking”. The covid19 virus has a life of its own. I do not believe for a minute what is coming out of China. There is no way you have a curve such as the one attached, that suddenly goes to zero. I will be tracking the situation here in Canada and hope our efforts will flatten the curve (fingers crossed).

We are self-isolating, (a) as we don’t want to contract the virus and (b) we would not want to pass it on if we have Covid19.

Get Gaz yellowWhen our self-isolating time is up in 12 days, we will not re-integrate as we feel we will be free but have little confidence that our neighbors are not carrying.

That last sentence is unfortunate – we are going to have to trust each other to get through this.

We have attached a link that gives you a world wide picture.

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2 comments to Can I trust you?

  • Alfred

    Tom. Clearly we must find a cure for the covid-19 and stop it’s spread, using common sense.

    Italians created their own problems (Corrupt Politicians) Northern Italy is home to the worlds high end garment industry ( Gucci Hand bag $4,000 ).

    The garment industry had to maintain it’s “Made in Italy Brand”. Same bag made in China would sell for $50. So to cut cost of Italian and Chinese manufacturing In Italy.They imported illegal undocumented Chinese migrant workers.

    In one City these workers make up over one third of the population of the City. Remember there is no record of two thirds of these poor people or of their travels or how they got into Italy in the first place.

    The last sentence is so telling. The Italians made the mistake of trusting one another.

  • Tom Muir

    The curve doesn’t go to zero – it just doesn’t go up any more. What goes to zero is new cases and the previous level of cases stays the same. That’s what they say happened in China. It’s not happening here yet.

    You don’t say you have symptoms so don’t seem to need a test. Just do what you are doing – we are in the same boat.

    If you have some symptoms, from what I have been hearing in the news, that might not be enough to get a test. You may have to get sicker, sick enough to call the hospital telling them you are coming.

    We have to face the fact that at the moment there are not enough testing resources to test everyone and there is in place a strategy to use what is available where it is really needed.

    The health care front lines treating and testing are first, and other stated groups follow in a priority order. These criteria can be found in several previous Gazette stories or on-line at many places.

    Only if symptoms arise and get really serious, like difficulty breathing, does intensive treatment ensue