Can Online Slots Make You Rich?

opinionred 100x100By George Wolfson

October 26th, 2020



Today, almost every online casino advertises spectacular jackpots. Providers claim you can win millions of dollars for free, or after making a modest deposit. Surely, many people regard these offers as scams. You may be surprised, but millionaire-maker slots can be legit.

It is not easy to find a reliable casino. For players in Canada, the choice is abundant. Review sites like analyze and compare different platforms to help them make a decision. Trustworthy casinos are not fiction, and some games do pay millions. Here is how they work.

slots happy face

There is always a happy face when you win.

Progressive Jackpot Games
The most famous game of this type is Mega Moolah. It was released over a decade ago – in 2006. Since then, its popularity has been soaring, and new variations have appeared. The original slot is safari-themed: it has five reels with cards and African animals.

What makes the game so attractive is its ever-growing prize fund. Such is the logic of any progressive slot. The jackpot keeps growing from a fixed initial size until some lucky player hits it. The Mega Moolah family has four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. The latter is the most desirable: after being hit, it rolls back to the initial size of 1 million dollars.

The largest prize has already been paid several times. The most recent example is the $16,774,073.89 win secured on August 17, 2020. This is not the most spectacular result, though. In 2018, an anonymous player won a whopping $21.7 million at Grand Mondial Casino, which is part of the famous Casino Rewards system. This broke the previous record of $13.2 million – this is how much British Army lance corporal John Heywood won in 2015.

What Do You Need to Win?
It is difficult to ascertain the exact odds of hitting the jackpot. Too many factors are variable, including the number of games, betting thresholds, etc. According to some estimates, the chances are one in 50 million. Still, given the sheer number of casinos featuring the game, winning big is not impossible.

slots macine graphic

The image on the screen tells you if you are a big winner.

Types of Progressive Games
The lowest payouts are offered by standalone progressives. Each of these machines has a separate prize fund which is fed only by bets on this machine. In general, you may expect to win no more than $10,000. This type is becoming less and less common.

Other slots are connected to one another, forming groups of different sizes. Local progressives are machines linked within a single casino. Generally, the biggest jackpot ranges between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

Finally, systems like Mega Moolah are classified as ‘wide area network progressives’. These are enormous, as they connect machines across different casinos. It is exactly what makes astronomical jackpots possible and legit.

Games That Make Millionaires

The probability of winning millions online is real but modest. Progressive jackpots may grow to eight-digit figures, but they are not won every day. Still, it is clear why these slots are irresistibly alluring.

George Wolfson is an analyst who follows the on-line casino gaming sector

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  • D W Lit

    Can online slots make you rich? Puuuleeeeez.

    “Games That Make Millionaires” Please George tell us what the programmed house edge is on the slots you promote in that link. And what the house edge means. That would be an intelligent addition to this article. Lots of people are stuck indoors with impaired earnings and should get the full story so that they make a good decision about buying food or becoming “millionaires”.