Canadian Scouting has been co-ed since 1998 - Americans just announced they want to do the same thing.

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October 12th, 2017



It used to be called the Boy Scouts association. Not anymore.

The Boy Scouts of America (USA program) recently announced changes to their membership policy to allow girls into the Cub Scout program and confirmed that older girls will be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Scouts Canada - Mikhayla Doroshuk and Terry Grant Chief Scout

Queen’s Venturer Mikhayla Doroshuk and Terry Grant Chief Scout

The Scouts Canada membership has been officially co-ed since 1998 and welcomes all to its membership regardless of gender, race, culture, religious belief, sexual orientation or economic circumstances and has always taken an inclusive approach to its membership.

Scouts Canada is a separate and distinct organization from the Boy Scouts of America.

Canada doesn’t have an Eagle Scout level – the Canadian equivalent is the Queen’s Venturer Award.

There is a very active scouting movement in the Region.

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