Casino Streaming means above all that it is about Good Entertainment.

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November 5th, 2020


Casino games are becoming increasingly popular in Canada – especially during the corona-crisis. They promise pure excitement and entertainment. For this reason it is no wonder that there are numerous casino streamers on the World Wide Web. The Casino Streamer Guide explains and shows all important information about casino streaming.

After all, live casino streaming requires more than just a camera that is held on the screen or on the slot. Successful casino streaming means above all that it is about good entertainment. Successful casino streamers are ultimately real entertainers.

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A Guide explains and shows all important information about casino streaming.

How Casino Streaming works
The idea of casino streaming is to broadcast your gaming activities live on the Internet. Which game is shown here depends on the respective streamer. Mainly slot games are played. But there are also some streamers, which stream roulette and blackjack.

Above all, however, the focus here is on the slot machines, because these games in particular are very fast and furious.

Table and card games are a bit different. Especially in Blackjack it is important to proceed with strategy and sophistication. For this reason, the losses are often pre-programmed when streaming at the same time. It is almost impossible to concentrate on your own game and at the same time entertain the audience on the Internet.

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Poker and Roulette – two very different games

The casino streamers on the one hand show the image on the screen and on the other hand you can see them yourself while they explain the game. Of course, you can also experience the emotions live. The casino streamers are becoming more and more popular in Canada because the viewer can simply sit back and relax. Here it has tension, play, thrill and fun, and everything also only a cent to invest itself. This means that the casino streamers provide the perfect entertainment and you do not have to invest anything yourself.

Exciting events provide a lot of variety
It is certainly not boring to watch other players playing. Here the spectator is immediately seized by the game fever. Good casino streamers usually provide a lot of variety, for example via the “bonus hunt”. Here the slots are only played until the free play mode is reached. After that the streamer immediately changes the game. Then it tries to trigger the special rounds at another slot.

Later the free games are taken at all machines one after the other. Often this procedure results in huge winnings.

Especially in the free rounds the top profits are thrown out, that is well known. Often even additional bonus rounds are activated. This often results in an unbelievable winning run.

For the passive spectator this causes great enthusiasm.

Are there only live broadcasts of slot games?

As already mentioned, slots are predominant in the casino live streaming world. This is mainly because here profits and losses are very close together. How popular the online slots are, can also be seen in the views. Thousands of users follow the live streamings. The situation is different with the classics, where there is only a small fan community. Nevertheless, fans of roulette, poker or blackjack will also find a suitable streaming on YouTube or Twitch.

What equipment is necessary for live broadcasts?
For casino streamers the required equipment is not very special. What is needed here is the hardware, the PC. But it should already be a newer model. Above all, the PC should have a modern graphics card. Just as important is a fast Internet connection, otherwise it can come to breaks during the transfer.

Also the camera plays an important role, so that the casino streamer can interact with the audience. Casino streamers that are able to moderate a game with wit and good humor can be sure to soon have a large fan base.

These platforms are used for the casino streams
The number one in the World Wide Web in terms of streaming platforms is Twitch. This live streaming portal is specialized in video games. Twitch has been available since 2011. Over time, new features have been added. In the meantime it is possible to profit from the sales of the portal operator via the advertising. Twitch can be used without registration to try out the platform first. But if you want to stream yourself, you have to register first.

In order to benefit from the official affiliate program as a casino streamer at Twitch, there are a few requirements to be met:

● You must have a total of at least 500 broadcasted minutes in the last 30 days
● In addition, at least seven individual broadcast days in the last 30 days are required
● You must have an average of three simultaneous viewers or more in the last 30 days
● You must have at least 50 followers

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