City doles out grants to 16 organization from the Burlington Arts and Culture Fund.

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April 10th, 2019



Burlington has awarded funding support through the Burlington Arts and Culture Fund (BACF) grant program.

Approved by Council in 2017, the Burlington Arts and Culture Fund provides grants to local artists, multicultural groups, and arts and culture organizations to foster creativity and enrich how Burlington residents experience and engage with arts and culture.

The BACF received 25 grant applications between Jan. 7 and Feb. 8, 2019. The applications were reviewed by a jury of peers and city staff. Decisions were based on artistic merit, program merit and strategic initiative, citywide and community impact, and economic impact. This year’s grant program was able to support 16 arts and cultural projects across Burlington.

The grants amounts ranged from $2000 (lowest) to $8,000 (highest).

Total amount available for this year BACF was $75,000.

The BACF aims to nurture the capacity of the arts and culture sector in Burlington, while fostering creativity, encouraging social cohesion, enhancing quality of life, and stimulating cultural and economic development through direct investment. The program recognizes and supports diverse identities, perspectives, languages, cultures and artistic practices.

Burlington Arts and Culture Fund Approved Projects for 2019/2020

Project Name: Authors in Your Neighbourhood
Applicant: Sylvia McNicoll

Authors in Your Neighbourhood want students to have a positive interaction with local writers to foster the love of reading and writing. The project will provide two elementary schools in each of Burlington’s six wards with a free presentation between May 2019 and March 2020. Each school will be provided with an autographed set of the books that either Jennifer Maruno or Sylvia McNicoll will be speaking on. Following a discussion on the origins, characters and setting of the stories, the students will be inspired to read the work and it will be available for them to read. Approximately 1,200 students will learn more about the author’s writing process, as well as cover design, editing and other publishing processes that will increase the depth of their reading enjoyment. Over 40 teachers, librarian-techs, and other teaching assistants will learn pointers on inspiring proficient writing. New to Authors in Your Neighbourhood is the inclusion of high schools in the project.

Project Name: Birds Adapted Juried Exhibition
Applicant: Teresa Seaton

Birds Adapted for Flight or Fancy is a regional exhibition for both two and three-dimensional works of fine art and craft. The exhibition will run at Teresa Seaton Studio and Gallery from August to October 2019. A call for this exhibition will be sent out via Akimbo, various social media outlets, and through a direct email campaign. Prizes will be awarded for first place, second place and people’s choice. Teresa along with the award-winning artists will offer learning opportunities for both artists and the public through a series of artist talks. By basing the theme on birds and their influence or inspiration, the exhibition also challenges the traditional curatorial practice of separating fine art and craft. By opening the call to all media, the exhibition promotes a conversation to the general artistic community to look beyond the historical stereotypes of curatorial practices.

Project Name: Bringing Music to the Community
Applicant: Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus

The Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus (BWLC) aims to foster creativity, stimulate culture and encourage social cohesion by involving the community in learning songs and singing in different languages without songbooks (as in the Welsh tradition) to entertain the public. To succeed in their vision of creating an atmosphere of collaboration, BWLC looks forward to connecting with other musical groups to promote cultural diversity. The chorus is unique to the area in terms of its composition and delivery and aims to encourage women in Burlington to join the troupe in learning the aesthetics of singing and how to sing in a different language. The main goal of the chorus is to provide entertainment in the community, for the community. Retirement and nursing homes present a wonderful opportunity to entertain Burlington residents demonstrating the power of music therapy. The BWLC will provide free concerts in various retirement and nursing homes throughout Burlington during their 2019/2020 performing season.

Project Name: Burlington Fine Arts Association Annual Juried Show – The Artist’s Mark
Applicant: Burlington Fine Arts Association


Members of the Fine Arts Guild in a portrait class.

The Burlington Fine Arts Association (BFAA) is a high achieving artists’ collective of approximately 170 local artists and is the largest of the seven guilds under the umbrella of Arts Burlington. This project will mark the second annual juried show at the Burlington Centre, a continued effort in building a relationship between the BFAA and the Burlington Centre. The exhibition brings original art out of the gallery and into a more accessible community venue and consumer space. The Artist’s Mark will take place from Jan. 17 to 26, 2020. In this second iteration of the juried show, the call will be open to all BFAA members as well as senior youth from Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School who elect to participate as part of their art programs curriculum. Throughout the exhibition, participating BFAA and student artists will interact with visitors to the mall by being on site, giving live demonstrations, and talking about their work and process.

Project Name: Educational Diorama Exhibit
Applicant: Friends of Freeman Station

Freeman - tracks in place

The historic diorama depicting life in the village of Freeman in the early 1900’s will be one of the most exciting destinations in the city when it is completed.

Friends of Freeman Station was formed in 2011 as a non-profit community group. The mission of the group is to locate, restore, and preserve the historic Freeman Train Station for the enjoyment of current and future generations. With the lower level of the Burlington Junction Station almost complete, a dedicated team of Friends of Freeman Station volunteers including local artists and craftsman have begun assembling a unique model railway and historic diorama depicting life in the village of Freeman in the early 1900’s. The exhibit will showcase a beautifully crafted 1/24 scale model of the Burlington Junction Station. Lighting and audio-visual effects will be used to tell individual interactive scenario stories and educational modules will be developed to include historic, economic, scientific, culturally significant, and technological topics. The project will see the creation of a permanent exhibit open to the public that educates residents and visitors, with a special focus on grade school student groups.

Project Name: Emerging Artist Showcase Series
Applicant: Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore

The Emerging Artist Showcase Series is designed to foster the continued development of Burlington’s music scene and aims to further add to the impressive list of Canadian bands from Burlington that have become an international success. The showcase aims to grant three rising artists with the opportunity to launch their career on a professional-level platform. The Emerging Artist Series offers exposure to new and diverse audiences, networking and connection opportunities, artist relations, hospitality, stage management experience and knowledge to support the career development of the city’s emerging artists. The project fosters the career development of three of Burlington’s up and coming musicians, providing them with the opportunity to receive a total of six hours of featured space, professional-level airtime.

Project Name: Entertainment for Seniors
Applicant: KooGle Theatre Company

KooGle Theatre Company will perform Broadway classics and songs from the golden age of movie musicals for retirement homes and senior centres in the Burlington community between April 2019 and March 2020. Co-Artistic Directors Leslie and Christopher Gray will collaborate with fellow members of Burlington’s artistic community (performers/technicians) in order to reach out and make an artistic difference in the lives of Burlington’s senior community. The project provides an opportunity for community outreach and the company aims to perform and sing numbers from movie musicals and Broadway classics from the Brant Inn era, while utilizing the visits at these various residences to communicate about their Brant Inn project and capture memories from the residents. Entertainment for Seniors allows KooGle Theatre Company to reach out to Burlington’s senior community and provide nostalgic entertainment that will be bring happiness, joy and healing.

Project Name: The Gospel According to St. Nick.
Applicant: Burlington New Millennium Orchestra

The Burlington New Millennium Orchestra presents the Gospel According to St. Nick, a family-centric Christmas season concert with a gospel beat vibe. Audience participation will occur in the sing-along portion and St. Nick will make a special appearance. The concert will feature programming suitable for all age groups.The programming includes 35 professional musicians from the Burlington area, various performing artists from the Greater Hamilton Area and from the local business community. Christmas is a major celebration in the Christian calendar but by including secular and religious music and St. Nick, the concert is a fun, family event for all ages and backgrounds. The mission of the Burlington New Millennium Orchestra (BNMO) is to present unique high caliber concerts to the residents of Burlington featuring gifted performing artists from the local, national and international arts communities. BNMO will foster collaborations with other local arts groups and engage younger audiences through selective outreach programming.

Project Name: A Green I.D.E.A.
Applicant: A Green I.D.E.A Collective (Alison Dunford, Joan Urquhart and Yanting Zhao)

A Green I.D.E.A. is an arts-based collective of three artist-educators that partner with local organizations to collect waste materials and show children, educators, and families how to repurpose them in artful ways. A Green I.D.E.A. will partner with local businesses to collect high quality nontoxic surplus materials and high quality nontoxic defective materials to reduce the waste materials in Burlington by repurposing these materials into artworks. A Green I.D.E.A. will offer public workshops that showcase how to use these surplus materials for arts-based projects to children and families in Burlington. By saving these materials from being deposited in local landfills the project aligns with the City of Burlington’s strategic direction of Building a Healthy and Green City. The project will offer a series of educational workshops on how to use solid waste materials that have been donated from local companies to create innovative and artistic projects as a fun way to educate residents on how to rethink the notion of waste and how to reuse discarded materials in artful ways.

Project Name: Halton Freedom Celebration Festival
Applicant: Halton Black History Awareness Society

The Halton Freedom Celebration Festival is a free outdoor music festival that will take place in Spencer Smith Park on Aug. 3, 2019 from noon to 11 p.m. The celebration includes musical and dance acts, youth and children’s events, artistic, musical and historical forums, an extensive marketplace of cultural cuisine, community and cultural association partners, genealogists, historians, authors and cultural contributors. The festival offers multicultural music, food, crafts, and art for a diverse audience. 2019 enhancements include youth and children’s activity centres and adding more diversity to the program including Cuban Jazz fusion led by two female Juno Award nominees.The Halton Black History Awareness Society is a passionate group of multiculturals, dedicated to implementing cultural education into the public and institutional mindset towards appreciating the values of inclusivity, equality, and self-development.

Project Name: Lunar Year Culture Celebration
Applicant: Redleaf Cultural Integration

The Lunar Year Culture Celebration is an event that celebrates the starting of a new lunar year, the most important festival in Asian countries. This cultural event, led by Redleaf Cultural Integration, lasts approximately four hours and includes a cultural show/display, and multicultural music and dance performances. To promote and foster multiculturalism, the celebration will include art and performances from various ethnic groups in order to showcase their culture to the community. Redleaf Cultural Integration (RCI) is a non-profit cultural organization that works together with people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and ages to enhance the quality of life in Burlington. RCI creates opportunities to develop meaningful relationships, provides community social events, and promotes healthy lifestyles with a focus on newcomers to Canada and Burlington specifically.

Project Name: One Burlington Celebrating Faith and Culture
Applicant: One Burlington

The One Burlington Celebrating Faith and Culture Festival is an annual celebration of Burlington’s local faith and cultural communities. It is a free and open event that encourages dialogue and the building of bridges through the sharing of cultural foods, activities for children, stage presentations and performances, and information booths where traditions can be explained by local Muslim, Sikh, Bahai, Hindu, Jewish, Christian and other various community leaders in a relaxed, casual, family-oriented environment that stimulates understanding, respect and appreciation of the unity in the diversity of our neighbours. The celebration is unique to Burlington and the sharing of cultural and ethnic foods is a popular component of the interfaith and multicultural celebration. The process of sharing cultural foods, art, music and dance performances facilitates a dialogue and builds relationships between individuals and communities within our inclusive city.

Project Name: PROSPECTS an Evening of Dance and Discussion
Applicant: Lisa Emmons

FORM two dancers - one masked

Lisa Emmons and those who dance with her do some of the most progressive dance in the area. Not to be missed.

PROSPECTS: An Evening of Dance and Discussion is a series of three dance performances that take place at the Burlington Student Theatre. The performances are a mixed program of five pieces of choreography by five different choreographers around the same theme (social justice, identity, relationships and connection). All of the choreographers discuss their work and process in a post-performance discussion where the audience is invited to provide feedback. This allows the choreographers to learn from the audience and the audience to learn more about the art of dance. Providing an inclusive environment to showcase work where the choreographers are mentored and encouraged to engage directly with the audience allows for growth by understanding what each audience experiences. In addition, the audience will have an opportunity to develop their understanding and appreciation of dance as an art form.

Project Name: Shawn Brush Country Jamboree
Applicant: Shawn Brush

Every October musician and Burlington native Shawn Brush, the Krooked Cowboy, organizes a local event that brings together some the industry’s finest musicians. Shawn is a singer songwriter that combines technical musicianship with impactful songwriting. The Shawn Brush Country Jamboree will feature performances by: Shawn Brush, Sarah Beatti, The Pistoletts, Chopped Liver, Barton Cats, Hayley Verrall, Caroline Wiles, and Judi Rideout and the X-Husbands. Shawn’s mission is to bring country music talent to veterans and residents living with mobility challenges. This year’s event will take place on Oct. 14 at the Burlington branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and will provide a day of family fun, food, and country music from local and regional performers. Expect music, laughter and dancing at this celebration of country music! “With guitar in hand, solo or backed by some of the industry’s finest musicians, the Krooked Cowboy is an artist that shines. He has appeared in national media and performed both in studio and live on stage. With a powerful presence, he is a must see.”

Project Name: Southern Ontario Lyric Opera Special Gala Event
Applicant: Southern Ontario Lyric Opera

Southern Ontario Lyric Opera (SOLO) is a young vibrant opera company founded in 2015 by Artistic Director and Conductor, Sabatino Vacca. SOLO’s dual vision is to provide high-caliber, affordable and accessible operas, while maintaining a strong commitment to the community through outreach efforts. SOLO reciprocates through many avenues of community outreach including: gratis concerts and presentations at seniors’ residences, informative talks and presentations at local libraries and to interested groups, and participation in a variety of community events. SOLO’s Special Gala Concert, featuring world-renowned Soprano (and Burlington native) Adrianne Pieczonka and renowned Canadian Baritone, Gregory Dahl joined and supported by the SOLO Chorus and Orchestra will take place on June 8, 2019. SOLO is especially keen to educate children and to foster an affinity with the excitement and fascination of this often-overlooked art form. The opera involves children and youth in their casts and chorus and invites local schools and youth groups to their dress rehearsal performances.

Project Name: Symphony on the Bay Youth and Seniors’ Outreach
Applicant: Symphony on the Bay

Symphony on the Bay

Funding the Symphony on the Bay outreach program will allow more people to hear a really very good orchestra.

Symphony on the Bay (SOTB) produces interesting, exciting orchestral and small ensemble performances that engage and inspire large and diverse audiences. Through concerts, community educational programs, and other community activities, SOTB delivers music programs for youth and seniors and promotes the health benefits of music to all residents while providing community musicians an opportunity to perform and develop their talent. This project supports Symphony on the Bay’s youth and seniors’ outreach initiatives. Youth outreach consists of a young artists competition featuring young artists from the region in solo performances with orchestra. The project also consists of youth arts groups collaboration which features performances by local community youth groups at all four concerts in the symphony’s season. SOTB’s seniors’ outreach involves small ensembles of volunteer orchestra members performing for seniors’ groups in the community. Performance locations include the Burlington Seniors Centre, seniors’ residences and wellness centres, the Art Gallery of Burlington, and the Burlington Public Library.

Heather MacDonald, Director of City Building said she wanted to “thank all of the individuals who applied for the Burlington Arts and Culture Fund. We are looking forward to seeing the funded programs come alive and add even more culture and vibrancy to our already amazing city.”

Our understanding was that Deputy City Manager Mary Lou Tanner handled the cultural file.

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