City plans for summer parking problems in the Beachway

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April 12th 2021



City Council spent three days last week on a lot of business that covered everything.

We fell a bit behind – promise to get caught up the next few days.

Vito Tolone Dir Transportation

Vito Tolone, Director of Transportation – plagued by parking problems – while he stick handles a Master Plan for Cycling.

Parking was on the agenda – this is Burlington after all. Director of Transportation Vito Tolone mentioned that checking on parking meters downtown is a “little lax” right now. You get 90 minutes for 25 cents as it is – little point in having bylaw people checking on those that stick around for longer.

The parking in the Beachway got a lot of attention. Much discussion on using concrete block to keep vehicles from parking – Mayor wanted flower boxes instead – thinks the concrete is ugly. But the flower boxes are expensive. Armour stone appears to be the option of choice – however the Parks and Recreation department thinks there might be an opportunity to engage the public by holding painting contests to see who can come up with the nicest art for the concrete blocks..

Councillor Sharman was running the numbers while Council members debated the merits of the different options.

Whatever they decide on – people will be asked to pay $20 to park all day, or $2.50 an hour.

The better minds at city hall are looking for ways to create a discount for those who live in Halton Region – the Beachway is Regional Park so whatever discount is available has to be for people from all four municipalities.

Staff and Council members expect the Beachway to be a major attraction making parking an issue – it was certainly that last summer.

Beachway - no cars parked

There are going to be a number of ways to prevent people from parking. Among the options are concrete blocks – flower boxes and Armour Stone.

The Communications people are being asked to come up with a way to tell the hordes that are expected that parking will be limited but parking in the downtown core will be free and there is a bus line that runs from the John Street terminal right through the Beachway. They are thinking of creating drop-off areas for people who want to let passengers out while the driver goes hunting for a parking space.

The city will have Park Ambassadors who will travel in pairs explain and advising people on what they can do and can’t. Word is that they will have distinctive uniforms. Fashionable maybe.

It all goes to Council later this month where final decisions get made.

More to come for sure.

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3 comments to City plans for summer parking problems in the Beachway

  • Chris Ariens

    Nothing ruffles feathers in Burlington more than parking. The Beachway doesn’t have any easy solutions. There is limited land area for storing cars, and the plans are to keep it a park, so building a parking facility isn’t really an option. At one time the beach was a hidden gem, but the word is out there and the place is packed with people who want to enjoy the beachfront. The last few times I took the kids there, it was hit or miss as to whether I’d get lucky and a parking spot would be available, or have to give up and take them somewhere else to swim (where we have to pay for admission). Cars would be lined up along Lakeshore waiting for families to clear out, causing a hazard for all road users. The solution of charging for parking is not a solution that anyone wants, but when you think about supply and demand, it makes absolute sense, especially when we need to limit congregating of large numbers of people due to the pandemic.

    And really, if we can afford to spend all this money on cars, we certainly can afford the $2.50/hour to store them in a popular spot. Parking is never “free”, the cost is just hidden in the price of the goods and services we buy. If the charge makes that trip to the beach easier, and reduces the crowding in the lots, it will be well worth paying for it. Only thing is it will only apply on weekends and Council is trying to give Halton residents 10 days exemption, so the benefits will be limited when everyone’s looking for something to do in the summer, not just on the weekend.

    I do like the idea of offering a shuttle from Spencer Smith (maybe one of those golf-cart trams that they have at zoos and amusement parks) so that more families, and especially seniors can enjoy the beach without having to park right beside it. When this pandemic is over, I hope the City uses the revenue to improve maintenance of the park and make the beach more accessible to people of all ages.

  • Alan Harrington

    $20 to park on sand at the beach? ?

    Joseph Brant Hospital multilevel parking lot is only $16.25
    Come and go as many times as you please for the day.
    Lots of space. And stay until midnight – not 9:00 pm like the beach.

    Two days at the beach? For $40 you can get a 5 DAY parking pass at the hospital and even share the pass with other vehicles. (And parking fees go to help the hospital.)

    Sometimes at the beach parking lot spot – you can’t even back your car out because someone’s parked their giant land yacht behind you.

  • Diane Knox

    When will this council of 2021 and Staff face the fact that Burlington grew in the 60’s as a “Commuter Town”–Half way from Hamilton and Toronto- the ads ” Lovely access to the Lake!, New communities, Shopping Hubs, New schools, houses with driveways, carports, garages and non grid roads to slow traffic and more QEW accessibility( Walkers and Appleby came latter)”.
    That is how this Town was built and why it grew to a City But we lost the Vision
    In 2021, we have a Downtown with limited parking ( Condo visitors?), a Condo corridor with minimal parking for residents , No Full service grocery store so Residents drive elsewhere, traffic jams-always on Lakeshore and never an opportunity to enjoy the downtown or the Lake. Now, a debate about parking to see the Lake at Beachway.. Vito, no long term parking, we know who they are. Forget the pretty boxes just let us park for a short term visit. Some of us just want to get outside see the Natural wonder the Lake and park a car, and remember why we chose to live in Burlington