City provides additional detail on the 2020 budget - for a house assessed at $500,000 the tax increase would be $96.70

Budget 2020 redBy Staff

December 20th, 2019



Burlington aerial

Taxes to keep the city operating.

City hall released the following:

City tax increase of 3.99%

The Gazette reported that yesterday.

The approved tax increase of 3.99% includes:

Investments to maintain City services
1.33% to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality services

Investments in infrastructure renewal
1.25% dedicated to the renewal of existing city infrastructure.

Major capital projects in 2020 include:
• Revitalization of the Skyway Community Recreation Complex
• Resurfacing of New Street, between Walkers Line and Burloak Drive
• Repair and renewal of assets at numerous community centres and pool facilities
• Minor reconstruction of Canterbury Drive.

Investments to address climate change impacts
0.82% dedicated to assets and initiatives that support sustainable infrastructure and a resilient environment, including:

Community busses 8-metre-cut-away-bus1

Another Handi-van added to the fleet

• Four new conventional buses and eight additional drivers, plus a new specialized transit vehicle (Handi-Van) and driver
• Free transit for children age 12 and under
• New electric vehicle charging stations at City facilities such as arenas and community centres
• A new private tree bylaw program
• Updates to the Urban Forestry Management Plan and a new tree planting initiative
• Funding to complete a Climate Change Adaptation Plan, support for the Bay Area Climate Change Partnership, and resources to implement the Climate Action Plan.

Investments to address risk management and other corporate priorities

0.59% dedicated to enhancing customer service and supporting the implementation of Burlington City Council’s four-year work plan, Vision to Focus, including:


Staffing needed for the re-vitalized Museum.

• Enhanced parks and winter maintenance operations, including sidewalk snow removal
• Four years of the Home Fire Safety program
• Improvements to cyber security resilience
• Temporary staffing to operate the newly expanded Joseph Brant Museum
• Programming at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre that celebrates all cultures.

Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said: “Council and our community should be proud of this budget that focuses on transit, trees, and green infrastructure, among other needs. We had to whittle down requests from Council that would have put us at a 7.5% city-tax increase if they had all been approved. We aimed for enhancing services, renewing aging infrastructure and responding to the needs of a growing community, while keeping your pocketbooks in mind. We made some tough, but strategic decisions for the 2020 budget, and the priorities reflect those of our community.”

Joan Ford, Chief Financial Officer added that: “The 2020 budget focuses on providing strategic investments aligned to the City’s four-year work plan, Vision to Focus, and Burlington’s 25-year Strategic Plan. At the same time, it provides investments to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality services, renewal of Burlington’s aging infrastructure, and funding for new community programs and initiatives.”

The total annual increase to property taxes for a home assessed at $500,000 is $96.70.

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2 comments to City provides additional detail on the 2020 budget – for a house assessed at $500,000 the tax increase would be $96.70

  • Philip Waggett

    Or, put in its proper perspective, the Liberal Finance Minister just gave us a tax reduction of $71 and our Liberal Mayor gobbled that up and more!

  • steven craig Gardner

    Some very interesting decisions. More money to Burlington Performing Arts centre and Joe Brant Museum which at best bring limited dollars to the city and no mention of Sound of Music that was hit by Ford cuts and it brings in many many millions of dollars to the city each year. Hmm guess the budget is not aimed at the masses just select few who like performing arts centre and museum..
    Any mention of cutting leaf collection after the fiasco this year? I was hoping they would eliminate sidewalk plowing of snow. Sick of major lawn repairs each spring caused by this I wish we could opt out by the tme they come mine is shoveled and dry as are most of my neighbours.