City re-launches neighbourhood ice rink program: are they expecting another cold winter?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 29, 2015


The Parks and Recreation department has decided to re-launch of the neighbourhood rink program for winter 2015/16.

The positive impacts from a community rink on private property in the Mountainside Area and two consecutive cold winters was enough to bring back the outdoor rink program.


Parks and recreation department thinks a total of 17 neighbourhood rinks could be created – all people have to do is apply.

Eleven parks have a flat area that is in close proximity to a city water supply and are able to support a neighbourhood rink. Some parks can fit more than one rink, for up to 17 outdoor rinks.

The following parks can take an outdoor rink:

Brant Hills Park, Bridgeview Park, Central Park, Ireland Park, Lowville Park, Mountainside Park, Nelson Park, Orchard Park, Sheldon Park, Sherwood Park, and Tansley Woods Park,

Other parks may be considered on an individual basis if residents are willing to provide their own water supply, and the park has a suitable flat area.

Residents interested in having a rink need to gather at least six other neighbours and complete an online application form that will be available at

Staff will review submissions, award rinks, and provide an information package to successful applicants on how best to make and maintain ice.

outdoor rink - flooding

There are parents out there that take great pleasure in going out late at night after the kids are in bed and flooding the neighbourhood rink.

Staff will put up boards, supply hoses and provide an orientation session for the residents. Staff will also conduct an initial rink inspection.

The neighbourhood group will perform the initial and subsequent floods, shovel the snow, and manage issues among themselves as much as possible.

Help get the word out!

Please share the messaging about the program with the residents. Staff will supply communication pieces that members of Council can insert into their ward communications. Encourage residents to get out and get active this winter!

Key dates:
Late September: Communication Launch to Residents
Sept 28-Nov 1: Application Period
Mid November: Rink locations awarded
Mid December: Rink boards setup in approved locations
March: Rink take down (weather dependent)

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