City tells its parking story – uses a very funny, cheeky video. Parking to be free for all of December then every Saturday as well.

November 25. 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  A city hall with a sense of humour?  We didn’t see that when a resident sent in a proposal that would turn a Council member’s home into a park – but that’s another story.

For the month of December you will be able to park here free and then for every Saturday during the year.  Sound of Music week as well?

Downtown Burlington has had a problem with parking and decided to change the channel and get people to focus on the downtown experience and forget about the parking.

To get people into this new way of looking at the parking issue the city decided there would be no cost to park downtown for the month of December and once we are into the New Year there will be no cost for parking downtown  on Saturdays.  That’s good news – the trick now was to get the news out.

Someone out there came up with the idea of doing a short video – it is a hoot. See for yourself.

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward got herself all worked up when she said: “You asked for it; we delivered: Park FREE in downtown Burlington  on street and in city lots/parking garage for the month of December, and every Saturday starting in January. Free parking starts one day early this year, Sat. Nov. 30, in time for Black Friday and Shop the Neighbourhood events.”

Let’s see if it makes a difference.  Will free parking get you downtown?  Will the merchants along Brant Street decorate their stores this year – few did last year – and make it an experience.  The price for the parking is right – now let’s see what the Burlington Downtown Business Association does with this new tool to draw the good people of Burlington into the downtown core.

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6 comments to City tells its parking story – uses a very funny, cheeky video. Parking to be free for all of December then every Saturday as well.

  • Marianne Meed Ward

    @John Romero Thanks for your kind words! Much appreciated. I love serving the residents of Burlington. Hope to do so for a very long time!
    Editors note: Another council member out there campaigning. Might be a very robust election.

  • John Dayaram

    Let’s hope that the 3hour on street parking by-law does NOT get extended in Ward 5 and Ward 6. That would be a disaster. Hope the Ward councillors for the 2014 election will take that into consideration. Removing sidewalks to allow for onstreet parking is not an option (like Imperial Way) so that cars can park on street and not in dirveways and garages

  • Marianne Meed Ward

    Credit where it’s due: this video was the brainchild of a team assembled by the downtown business association and tourism burlington, along with true essence media and other local media and creative talents. City staff and council deserve thanks for supporting free parking, but the video was created by others.

    • John Romero

      Dear Ms. Ward, you express your leadership qualities very well in video format. Also, I think you are generally in a much better mood than your fried Mr. Rick Craven. I don’t know why he is nasty towards you. I watched a council meeting one night and I felt sorry for you to have to take such abuse. Please continue with your excellent work and your niceness to others.

      • Tony Pullin

        I watched a similar event some years ago when MMW was merely delegating…not even running at the time. One Councillor in particular was extremely rude and dismissive. That single event drastically increased my awareness of municipal affairs.
        The Gazette does an excellent job of presenting local issues and enabling forums such as this one. It serves as a great way for any resident to educate themselves in general, and for election time.

  • Mary J.

    free parking? great idea.