Community group works at refining the story they are going to take to city council for a significant upgrade to the Nelson stadium.

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

February 4th, 2016


“We’ve got to get the time line in place” explained Janine Stodulksi. “The funding for the bleachers is in the city’s capital budget – we don’t want to lose that” she added. “We have momentum going here” and when Stodulski has momentum – step aside.

Janine Skodulski

Janine Stodulski – she keeps things moving.

She was talking through where things are with a community initiative to revitalize the Nelson Stadium, a facility on property that is owned by the city and the board of education – and where there are shared jurisdictions – you know there is going to be some friction.

The residents are hoping they can either jump over the jurisdictional issues or do an end run around them.
Six people gathered around a table in the Nelson High school library to go over what they knew and what they didn’t know and to line up their ducks and make something happen.

Brad Scott Cogeco + Jeff Brock Nelson

Brad Scott, with Cogeco Cable and Jeff Brock with Nelson high taking part in a discussion on the plans their group have for significant improvements to the Nelson Stadium.

Jeff Brock, who has Nelson High school football logos all over his laptop, looks at the numbers and suggests that bleacher seating for 700 will work. He thinks the sound system can be fixed.

Brad Scott, he’s with Cogeco, has been making calls to equipment suppliers and looking at prices – he didn’t like some of the numbers he was given.

Chris Zadow is the track and field guy and is working up a document that will show what the new footprint will look like when everything is done.

Karen Hartman - principal Nelson

Karen Hartman, principal at Nelson High school – explains what can be done and what can’t be done when working with the board of education.

Karen Hartman, principal at Nelson, runs interference with the board of education and advises the group on what they might be able to get away with.

Tibor Olah, a soft spoken man, who is in real estate, has to move quickly to get a few words in edgewise.

Janine Stodulski, who serves as spokesperson for the group, is a driven woman who believes she has momentum and wants to see something happen. She is involved with one of the football leagues.

Their goal is a little on the lofty side but they aren’t going to let that deter them.

The Nelson Stadium facility is run down, tattered looking in places with facilities that need a serious upgrade.

They want to re-orient the racing track, add to lanes to the existing six, push back some bleachers on the south side and add a second set of bleachers on the other side of the field and get a decent press box in place.

The present

A community group made up of every imaginable Nelson Stadium user organization has plans for a much improved facility.

They are currently working the city and the board of education and have their eyes on the Region. They see that world class velodrome in Milton and appear to want something just as good – better if Stodulski has her way – for Burlington.

The Haber Recreational Centre, joined at the hip to the Hayden high school has fabulous indoor courts – this group wants to see something as good behind Nelson high school – they want the location to be the place for Regional outdoor sports events.

The group sees upgrades coming at the Skyway facility in the east end of the city, the big, big upgrade done at Mountain side, the City View sports facility in the north east part of the city on Dundas – and note that much of the sports facility growth has been above the QEW – they want the something much better on New Street.

They have a grasp of the city budget that just might be better than that of some council members. They have figured out where their champions are at both the council level and within Parks and recreation – and they have strong connections within the community.

Their next round with the city is in April – it should be quite a delegation.

Odd though that the plans have yet to make it to a board of education level – and trustees don’t seem to have a clue at this point.

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