Could we see this six storey tall rubber duck in Burlington Bay?

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May 29, 2017



Just ducky!

An Ontario government grant of about $120,000 that is going toward a giant rubber duck for Canada 150 celebrations is ruffling some feathers.

Rubber duck

A six storey tall rubber duck with selfie appeal. Will we see it in Burlington Bay. It will be a huge draw.

The six-storey-tall, 13,600-kilogram yellow duck is being brought to Toronto by the Redpath Waterfront Festival, at a total cost of $200,000, combining other funding such as corporate sponsorship.

It’s being billed as a tourist attraction — with particular Instagram and selfie appeal — and will also be taken to other communities in Ontario.

Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Eleanor McMahon said the province has been funding the waterfront festival for the past three years and it does a good job promoting tourism.

McMahon defending the duck

Burlington MPP and Minister of Tourism and Sport defends the rental of a rubber duck to celebrate our 150th birthday – what would Sir John A. have to say about that idea?

“This year they’ve decided to add a duck to the equation,” she said. “I think it’s an important contribution to our 150th celebrations. It’s just another example of the fun that people are going to have this summer.”

Lea Parrell, the co-producer of the waterfront festival, said it’s hoped the duck will have a positive effect on tourism.

The $200,000 cost includes renting the duck from a man in the United States who owns it, transporting it, inflating it, using a crane to lift it onto a barge, towing the barge, bringing it to other Ontario communities, marketing, and on-site support such as portable toilets and extra fencing so people don’t fall in the water, Parrell said.

The giant rubber duck is based on similar floating structures by a Dutch artist that have travelled world, Parrell said.

No word yet on whether the duck will be seen floating at the end of the Pier sometime during the summer. Selfies galore.

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17 comments to Could we see this six storey tall rubber duck in Burlington Bay?

  • Joe Gaetan

    Lame duck idea from a lamer duck government.

  • Stephen White

    This is the latest in a long litany of ridiculous and wasteful spending by a feckless and irresponsible Liberal government. Schools are closing, hospital emergency rooms are overcrowded, it takes ages to get into see a medical specialist, there is transportation gridlock everywhere in the GTA, and this government blows $120K on a giant kids’ toy that bears no relationship to Canadian identity, culture or values.

    Beam me up Scottie! There’s no intelligent life down here!

  • James

    We’ve all taken a bath because of this Liberal government, this rubber ducky just rubs our noses in it that much more.

  • A very disappointed parent in burlington

    Seriously this is the priority for our Liberal government. The bigger picture is they are closing 600 schools in this province to balance their budget and perhaps paid for this six story rubber duck. How shameful. This Liberal government needs to go and I sure hope the door hits them on the way out

  • Lynn

    “I think it’s an important contribution to our 150th celebrations” says McMahon of adding the duck to the Festival.

    Huh? What does a giant rubber duck have to do with Canada’s birthday?

  • Lonely Taxpayer

    I think the idea is cute…

    But instead of “renting” a 13 kiloton duck from the Americans for $200,000 – couldn’t Canadians make a similar item for the same price?

    A giant rubber Canada Goose, Loon or a Beaver !

    Inflate it with a million empty plastic water bottles diverted from landfill.

    And instead of renting it for just a month – we keep it all year !

    Then when we’re done – we sell it and recoup the funds.

    • C Jester

      Love this idea, Mr. Lonely. Make sure you send it off to the MPP and the Premier. They’re seriously short of good new ideas (got lots of bad ones), so I just know they’ll much appreciate your great idea.

  • CMG

    I don’t get it….
    It’s not Canadian in theme, content or production/ownership.
    I can think of a lot of other… nicer things that could bring a smile to children’s faces for that price tag!

  • Ron Gardner

    It might be okay if they did not have to borrow the penny.

  • Chris Ariens

    While we adults will naturally see this as a waste of money, the children will probably look back on this with fond memories (or possibly nightmares). Surely there will be more things worth complaining about than something that’s costing us each a little more than a penny to put a smile on the face of a few kids.

  • Shaon

    WOW! Eleanor McMahon can pay attention to a duck but not to the people that she represents?

  • My first reaction is that this is an idiotic waste of taxpayer money. After thinking about this some more, I don’t seem to have a second reaction. It still seems like an idiotic waste of tax payers money.

    Does anyone think this is a good idea?

  • Oxy Moron

    It will get those pesky Canada geese to show some respect.

  • James

    This government seems to be actively searching out new and idiotic ways to waste our money. Just one more item on a VERY long list of idiotic moves. We seriously need a change in government before it’s too late! They’re ruining us, and can’t even see it!

  • I'm alright now

    Panem et Circus non? Yes please, who the heck needs a stable economy and work? Peons only apparently.

  • Maggie

    I first heard of this at a meeting tonight and one of the other people there suggested that if we want to have this type of thing it should be something more representative of Canada such as a loon. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Mike Ettlewood


      I think that we have more than enough “loons” and the 6 storey rubber ducky absolutely proves it. Just a thought.