COVID-19 test results not available one week later

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

March 28th, 2020



Brian Rose, the Burlington resident who felt he should be tested for COVID-19 after returning from Spain where he had taken part in an event that included a person who later tested positive, had to get noisy before he was tested.

That took place more than a week ago

Rose parking spot

The parking spot Brian Rose was directed t at Joseph Brant Hospital.

“We were tested last Saturday at Jo Brant – 1 week and still no results. In an Open Comment to Regional Chair Gary Carr, Rose said: “I trust you and our other leaders know you are making decisions with data that is:

– Over a week old and derived from a very very small fraction of symptomatic Halton residents lucky enough to be tested.

That means the only number you can really trust is Severe Cases, Severe Cases Recovered and Deaths.

Rose referred to “an article in the Globe and Mail this morning. The University of Toronto Vector institute has launched a site to gather data online from symptomatic and asymptomatic residents. The site is up and running.

“If you are interested in adding another meaningful source of data to your decision making toolbox I would suggest looking into it.

“Perhaps you and the other local leaders copied could play a role in encouraging residents to provide data. I think this could really make a difference in tracking COVID-19 in Halton.

The Globe and Mail article Rose refers to can be found at:

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