Crowd shows up in the drizzle for the Downtown Caroling Stroll - Mayor couldn't get the Tree of Hope lights to go on.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

November 27th, 2015


Stroll - large view - packed - a bit

Despite a drizzle that came and went – Civic Square was full.

There are two events in Burlington that often get a whack from the weather: Clean Up – Green up in the Spring when thousands in the city turn out to get trash off the ground and into waste barrels and in the weeks before Christmas the Downtown Carol Stroll takes place.

It is often just a little on the brisk side in the Spring and in the fall we get rain or close to howling snow.

Stroll - girl with candle

There were hundreds of young people out for the event.

The Stroll this year was to take place on an evening when it had rained – consistent drizzle actually, most of the day. The plans were great – the weather wasn’t but people showed up nevertheless and by the time it was to begin Civic Square was pretty full.

Stroll - family with candles

The Downtown Christmas Carol Stroll was a family event.

There were families from well north of the QEW who made the trip downtown – the city seems to have this divide at the highway but it didn’t factor into the event Friday night.

The lineup for the burgers supplied by The Works took more than twenty minutes to get through.  It was worth the wait – turkey burgers with a cranberry topping.

For reasons that are probably outdated all the senior elected people were trotted out to say a few words.  We didn’t see any of the Council members milling among the crowd.   What do the dignitaries add to the event – other than getting their pictures taken?

Stroll Mayor not on

The Mayor flipped the switch – nothing. The picture is slightly out of focus – the photographer was watching the faces of the crowd and didn’t quite get the look of astonishment on the face of the Mayor.

The dignitaries took to the stage and made short short speeches and readied themselves to turn the lights on the Christmas tree that is known as the Tree of Hope. The countdown began and on “1” the Mayor pushed the huge switch – and nothing happened.

Everyone laughed and while the technicians tried to figure out where the problem was – the lights never did go on and people moved on ready to either go home or try doing at least part of the Stroll.

Stroll - Chris Hallas - Hydro

Chris Hall, manager with Burlington Hydro didn’t have an answer as to why the lights would not go on when the Mayor threw the switch. She did say that the hydro bill had been paid.

The lineup of events was impressive – the weather just didn’t cooperate. A number of the restaurants used social media to remind people of what they were offering.

The event is put on by Burlington Hydro Electricity Services with a helping hand from the Burlington Downtown Business Association.

Hydro funds the Festival of Lights that was superb this year. The Lights are well work a trip down to Spencer Smith Park.

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