Do flags make a difference?

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June 29th, 2018



Do flags make a difference?

Last year the building on the corner of Pine and Pearl was decked out with dozens of Canadian flags.
This year they did the Pine Street side.

Pine and Pearl flagsdDo flags make a difference? How did you feel when you saw these flags?

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4 comments to Do flags make a difference?

  • Susie

    Flags give an expression of “Proud to Be” a Canadian! Many U.S. residents have a flag pole on their property and every a.m. they raise the American Flag, and at dusk they lower the flag. I was amazed at their dedication to their country.

  • Allan S

    We need to fly the flag even more now thanks to the US financial warmongering.

  • George

    The view of the Canadian flags make us Burlington citizens feel proud. Unfortunately the flags will be soon in the shade of 23 story condominiums which 6 of our 7 Burlington council members voted to allow. However, those six council members will probably not be around after our next municipal election on Oct, 22, 2018 to view the flags in the shade.

  • Steve D

    I feel proud when I see the Canadian flag. It represents over a hundred and fifty years of Canadian culture. A culture that places value on, freedom, equal rights before the law, democracy, the golden rule. Things that many Canadians died to protect. Things that many other cultures don’t value.